Small Things We Could Do to Save the Planet

Did you know that you could help save our environment without being out in the streets protesting? If you think being an environmentalist is the only way you could contribute to saving our planet, you are mistaken.

As people grow older, the more responsibilities they get in life. People have to work long hours, and when they get home, they still have more things to do. Even if you are not a parent yet, you still have errands to run, and of course, you would want to rest. Somehow twenty-four hours seem short when you are an adult working so, even if you strongly agree with Greta Thunberg, you cannot do much except inform people around you about the environmental issues the planet is facing.

Life is already hard, so this is a reminder not to be so hard on yourself. If you cannot be that proactive yet to participate in environmental protests to be heard, that is okay. There are things you could do on your own that would help big time. From choosing paperless transactions, sorting your wastes, conserving water, installing solar panels.

You could even limit your e-garbage by bringing your Samsung phone to a repair service center instead of getting a new one immediately. Here are the things you could do to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Go paperless.

Do you know how many trees are harvested for not just lumber but also paper? In 2019, over 30% of the planet’s landmass has been subject to deforestation, and the rate is still growing. The greenhouse effect is getting worse each year, and the lack of trees in urban areas is one of the main culprits, along with deforestation.

Without trees, the globe’s surface continues to heat up. It is due to the rise of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere that traps heat from the sun. If this continues, the remaining ice caps sanctuary for the polar bears would completely melt, the seawater level would rise, and low-lying islands could see the wrath of nature.

You could help by reducing your paper usage. You could choose not to print out receipts and meeting handouts. After all, there are digital alternatives that you could use for reference instead.

  • Follow waste sortation.

Did you know that America contributes to 12% of the world’s overall solid waste? While producing waste materials is not something everyone could just avoid, you could help by following garbage disposal protocols properly. If people would only follow the proper way of waste sortation, it would already make a huge difference.

You could start in your own house. When you are taking out your garbage, be careful with biodegradable wastes. You need to separate them from non-biodegradable ones, as they could be a cause for health problems not just for your family, but also for other people. Also, you could go check your non-biodegradable waste to see if there are things that you could still use in the future.

  • Get an alternative for your power supply.

Alternative power supplies are not just a smart investment for emergencies, but they could also help reduce the usage of non-renewable energy that harms the planet.

If you are living in a sunny state, installing solar panels in your home would provide you with cleaner and more power. Not to mention that you would be cutting your living expenses too.

  • Be aware of your e-garbage.

So what is e-garbage? It is your electrical waste consisting of cables, wires, old gadgets, batteries, bulbs, and more. It might not be in prime time news yet, but electronic waste materials are damaging our planet to an extent more serious than regular waste.

See, a single battery could take decades until it finally breaks down, and when it does, toxic elements could still come out of it, polluting the land. Meanwhile, if you refuse to dispose of these wastes, you could only be contributing to more home clutter that could bring health issues to your family.

What you could do is lessen your gadgets and electronics in the first place. You could always opt for services and maintenance of your appliances and devices to extend their lifespan. You do not need to buy a new gadget every single time there is a new release, your phone could be enough, and with good care, it could last you for more than five years.

It is all about being aware of your carbon footprint

A single decision to print out an ATM receipt that you would only throw away immediately could impact the planet if there are millions of people doing it too. As Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are too busy to participate in protests, if you start the change you want to see in the world, you’re already doing your part.

Meta title: How Can You Help Save the Planet?
meta desc: Are you concerned about global warming but somehow cannot find the time to participate in the streets? That’s okay; there are things you could do to help.

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