Myths about strippers at buck parties that should be dispelled  

With Melbourne opening its night life, Strip clubs have returned but it’s not business as usual. The Covid 19 might have changed the way strip clubs operate but some things remain the same. Even with this “new normal’, there are still some misconceptions that have held fast. These misconceptions are brought about by the things that are associated with strip clubs as a subculture.. There are many clubs like The Easton rooftop pool and lounge provide entertainment for your leisure time along with certain strip clubs and here are some common misconceptions or stereotypes about strip clubs that should be addressed.

  1. Strippers are hooked on drugs and promote sex

If you watch a lot of movies, you may be forgiven for thinking that every Italian is involved in organized crime or that every rap musician is a member of a violent street gang. Yes, strip clubs provide sexualized entertainment but this does not mean their main reason for existing is to promote sex. The best way to look at it is that strip clubs promote sensuality, not prostitution. The idea that strip clubs promote drugs and sex is also wrong. The same argument can be made with rap musicians. They don’t think drugs are cool or idolize wild women. If immoral things happen in the highest offices of government and financial institutions, why should we be quick to judge adult entertainment and women who choose this industry to make a living?

  1. Strip clubs are sleazy

Yes, we can argue that strip club owners are sleazy, after all the run businesses where they make money from girls parading around naked and shimmying down poles. Strip club owners are no less sleazier than gynecologists who look at women’s private parts all day long for big bucks. No one has ever said that stripping is respectable, but one has to respect the fact that it’s hard for any woman to get naked in front of strangers for any reasons. There are performers who enjoy dancing and the freedom that anonymity brings. If you are going to try visiting a strip club or hosting a bucks party there, leave your judgements at home.

  1. Stripping is for broken girls

The truth is that adult entertainment is the most recession-proof profession there is. There is always money to be made. Bucks parties or bucks nights are a tradition that never gets old, so even if a girl does not perform in a club, she can offer a private at a different venue. You don’t necessarily have to book a bucks party at the Strippers club, you can also book performers to come to you.

  1. Strip club customers are perverts or sex addicts

Being the go-to guy for bucks parties because you know the best strip joints around does not make you a pervert or a sex addict. It just means you are a person who is comfortably with your sexuality and you know the difference between sex and sensuality. It also makes you the cool guy in your circle of friends. Perverts are everywhere. You can find them in church, in the government and yes, in strip clubs too.

  1. Strip clubs rip people off

Planning a bucks party at the strippers club might be convenient. They provide the right combination of raunchy entertainment and booze. However, there are stories about watered-down alcohol and stale food. If you know what you want and you are willing to pay for it then there should be no reason why strippers should not give you the wild night of your dreams.

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