Things You Should Know About SEO in 2021

New Year means new opportunities! For successful SEO of your clients or your own business, you have to plan a strategy by putting yourself in the shoes of your users, and asking yourself whatever you are offering is really helpful for the customers. If your or your client’s brand is worth trusting and is the website for which you are making efforts is effortless especially on mobile devices. If answers to all your questions are yes, then you are going right. But still, there is much more you need to know that will help you dominate in the SERPs and earn more revenue in the coming year. Have a look at what is there for SEO experts India in 2021. 

Page Experience Is Going To Be A New Ranking Factor On Google: “Page experience signals” are going to be a major contributor to the ranking factor. It refers to how visitors feel when they interact with the web page. It will be determined by several attributes such as mobile-friendliness, safe browsing, HTTPS, and others. Though these were already ranking factors in the past, but they have been made more institutionalized such that they work within the “page experience” framework. 

Mobile-First Indexing For All Websites On Google: Mobile-first indexing is not a new concept as Google has been running it for the past several years. It refers to the practice of indexing the mobile version of the website first in Google’s database rather than the desktop version. Earlier, there used to be a mismatch between the rankings on mobile and the content on these pages as Google used to index only one version which was traditionally the PC version. But now with the increasing popularity of mobile phones, it has implemented a mobile-first indexing rule.

Voice Search Is Trending And Becoming More Prominent: Google assistant, Alexa, and other voice assistants have popularized voice search. Data shows that voice search revenue will significantly increase from just 2 billion dollars in 2017 to 40 billion dollars in 2022. This puts forward several opportunities and challenges to outdated SEO approaches. That’s why there is a need for innovative ideas and different approaches to capitalize on this upcoming and emerging SEO arena completely.

Non-Textual Content: The Internet is saturated with blogs and landing pages. It has now become difficult to rank for important keywords with decent traffic. That’s why experts are trying to expand their reach by expanding the content type they produce and publish. Infographics are one of the ways to create engaging content that could rank higher. Videos are a great way and promising way to share information with the audience. You can upload a video to Youtube as standalone content or embed it on your website too. It will help in gaining more traffic from Youtube views, which is less saturated than Google’s traditional search engine.  


Every year, Google announces more than 3600 small changes to their algorithms. Trends keep on emerging in the digital marketing sector and nobody has ever been able to predict them. That’ why stay updated with these trends and Google’s announcements to be on top of your SEO game. 


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