Fostering Creativity In Your Children Through Art

Learning and exploring their environment is what kids do best, and as parents, it is their duty to encourage and appreciate how children gauge their surroundings and activities. Art is also a form of expression, where children are free to mimic or capture whatever they think or feel on a piece of canvas or paper. Contrary to popular belief, learning art can have numerous benefits on growing children, both emotionally and mentally. So the next time parents invest in a creative kids art kit, remember that it’s also a long term investment for their future. 

Many studies show how art positively impacts children and why parents must encourage them in learning this practice as they grow. With the onset of the global pandemic and the series of lockdowns following it, one can safely assume that many children took to painting and other skills to cope with the boredom. 

Before diving in on how art is beneficial for toddlers and young kids alike, take a look at how parents can help foster this creative skill in the growing years of their children: 

  1. Kids learn through experimentation, and as parents, they have to provide the time and space for it and always be prepared to clean in case things get messy (it usually does).
  2. Don’t give them any directions and let them draw or paint what they want. Instead of asking them what to draw, teach them how to draw more vividly using different techniques and styles. 
  3. Ask about what they drew afterwards and try to understand why they drew it or used a specific colour or style more. 
  4. When giving compliments, appreciate their work but don’t ask them to change or suggest any additions. Be supportive, but don’t frustrate children by drawing with them. 

When a child paints or draws, it is a form of psychological expression from their memories and experiences of the surrounding environments and incidents. Many scientists even agree that there are different meanings when it comes to hand drawings and scribbles that show the emotional impact, either positive or negative. 

Benefits Of Learning Art At A Young Age:

  1. Fosters Creativity: Creativity is the next best thing that propels imagination and ambition in children. Learning to solve problems and find solutions to an existing predicament requires a good level of creativity and innovative thinking. 
  2. Enhances Brain Function: Using a creative kids art kit to draw and paint shapes and figures will help create neural connections as they experiment. This helps in increasing cognitive abilities and increases awareness in perceiving the surroundings around them. Moreover, neural pathways for increased motor functions are strengthened as children learn to draw with brushes and hold crayons to create whatever their imagination allows. As their coordination skills increase, their ability to grasp and hold also grows with it, helping them to do complex motor functions like writing with ease at an early age. 
  3. Helps children gauge their environment and themselves: Painting takes time and a lot of effort, and as kids grow into these skills, their mindset adapts simultaneously. Patience and attention span are shorter in kids and very hard to instil, but by learning art, these attributes will improve over time, along with emotional strength. As time goes by, children will become more resilient to stressful situations while boosting focus and confidence. 
  4. Memory Skills: The ability to process visual information can be nurtured through art and engages the part of the brain that allocates memory and communicative functioning. This helps refine their memory and learning abilities as they progress through their school years. 

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