Artist Block: Why Permanent Markers Are the Way to Go

Artist block is every artist’s worst nightmare. You have this urge to create, yet your mind goes blank, and you end up not doing anything. So, how do you fight an invisible enemy?

There is no enemy that can’t be defeated. An artist block is one such enemy that you can overcome. If you are having trouble, why not try other mediums? You can try using a permanent marker.

If you are sceptical, why not try it out first? Below are just a few fun projects to work on. Surely, you won’t regret it.

Have You Tried Glass Painting?

Glass painting is a new trend despite that it is all over Tiktok and other social media platforms because of its beauty. If you have seen it, you’ll notice that it looks alive. What makes the painting pop up even more is the use of a permanent marker. The lines make the art livelier.

Here are a few tips for glass painters:

  • Patience is a virtue, don’t get tempted to move on to the next step without finishing the last one
  • Trace line art as smoothly as possible
  • Flip the glass from time to time to see if you like your progress so far
  • Make sure to coat the glass multiple times with the acrylic paint to avoid unnecessary patches

Creative Zip Lock Bags Are Fun Too!

It might not be much, but designing zip lock bags might remove your artist block as well. Looking up designs online or going crazy with doodling can be a good exercise that can help you develop new patterns that you can utilise later on. Besides, it is art. If you don’t like what you have created, then customise it later. You’re the boss, and you’re in charge of your masterpiece, so create what you want.

Why Not Customise Your Wooden Shelves?

This idea might be a tough one if you still live with your parents and your mom would kill you if you mess with her precious shelves, but if no one is against it, why not go wild? Doodling on wooden shelves may help you get a sudden burst of inspiration to get you through. Plus, it helps you redecorate and spice up your living space. So, doodle and dabble and create new designs. Let loose! And no matter the output, whether you love it or not, just go on creating. Making art is up to you. 

School Notes Can Be Pretty Boring, Let’s Fix That!

School can be boring for some, and having to go through a mountain of school work isn’t exactly helping. You can change that by spicing up your notes. Why not take it to a whole other level by doodling and customising your notebook? Having just blocks and blocks of black text can be boring, but adding patterns and doodles might help you like school more and hopefully will get you to study even more. With this, you kill two birds with one stone — you get to do more homework while breaking your artist block. It is a win-win situation.

No artist likes falling into the trap of artist block. However, learning to counter it is thrilling. Countering it with just a simple permanent marker while trying out various new art projects have paved the way for people to defeat their worst enemies and get creative in the process. Truly, you can never go wrong with art, and you can never go wrong with a permanent marker.

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