What to Expect from Ptosis Surgery Recovery?

Ptosis is a term that is used to describe droopy eyelids. Ptosis can happen both in children and adults. It can either cause one of the upper lids or both of the upper lids to droop down to such an extent that looks lower than normal. While children are born with ptosis, the adults develop it with age, or as a side effect of repetitive use of contact lenses, eye surgery, or even eye injury. Ptosis in adults can also happen because of a neurological condition.

Apart from impacting your overall looks, dropping eyelids also results in certain medical issues, one of which vision difficulty. Here are some of the essential questions related to ptosis eye surgery.

Take Care After Ptosis Surgery

After the surgery, you might encounter blurry visions. This is triggered by the thick ointment which is put towards the end of the surgery to ensure moistness and lubrication of the eyes. You can always eliminate the swelling by placing a padded dressing on the first day. While you can remove this padded dressing from your home, you must adhere to all the guidelines provided to you by the nurses.

Avoid Dryness of Eyes Through Prescribed Ointments

Once you reach home, you must stick to all the instructions that are given to you. Your doctor might prescribe you eye drops. And you must take it to keep dryness at bay. Dryness is a common problem after all types of eye surgeries. You must only start with gentle washing of your eyelids, after 5 days from the surgery. This will keep your sutures clean and ensure quick and easy removal of the same.

Never Miss Out on Follow-up Appointments

You would be asked by your doctor with a follow-up appointment, so they can monitor your state of healing and check your eyelid position. The doctor will thereafter schedule your next appointment after 12 weeks for an accurate assessment of the surgery and to see how much of the bruising and swelling have come down. Your doctor might remove your sutures during the first follow-up appointment itself. They might also dissolve on their own, based on what type has been used on you.

When Can You Go Home After Ptosis Surgery?

Within a few hours of the surgery, adult patients can choose to go home. However, the children are required to stay back in the hospital, until the anaesthesia has worn out completely. If you are thinking of a ptosis eye surgery (ศัลยกรรมตา, which is the term in Thai) make sure to ask someone you trust to accompany you. 

Apart from this, it is common to have moderate bruising and swelling after you have recovered from ptosis surgery. The extent of bruising will be based on the patient. You can also be in discomfort for the first two days. However, taking over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol will help in relieving pain. To keep away from irritation, it is advisable that avoid swimming. During your bath time, try and keep your eye region dry. All of this will ensure you recover from ptosis surgery quickly and smoothly.

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