What is Tantra Massage 

Behind the word “tantra” there is something secret because few are those who know what it actually is. This mystery is also connected with eroticism. The very name of this type of massage suggests that it is associated with something sexual. At the same time, Tantra includes Indian techniques for expanding consciousness. 

These are certain practices, rituals, meditations aimed at getting a person into a changed state of consciousness. And since tantric sex is present in Indian culture, tantric massage is an erotic massage. You can enjoy it having chosen SweetTouch Paris services. So, let’s have a more detailed look at what it is.

Tantra massage peculiarities

The main peculiarity of this erotic massage is applying pressure on certain points. Tantric massage includes some elements of reflexology. In fact, there are a lot of sensitive points, and we can say that the entire human body is one erogenous zone. Any zone a masseuse touches can become erogenous.

This practice can also be used by couples who want to make their intimate life more diverse. Tantra massage helps to become closer and understand your partner better. While giving it, the person listens to the breathing and reactions of the recipient, which sets a strong emotional connection. The procedure can be much more pleasant than sex; it frequently ends with multiple orgasms.

Tantra massage benefits

An experienced tantra massage masseuse is able to bring the man into a state of complete satisfaction, peace, and harmony with his own body and thoughts. In addition, tantric massage has a number of certain advantages.

First, it helps to reach peak enjoyment. Sexual arousal is not the ultimate goal of tantric massage, but it is an essential part of an erotic procedure. Gentle, but skillful touches of a masseuse eliminate all thoughts that interfere with relaxation and enjoyment; an experienced and qualified lady can bring you to the brightest orgasm ever. It’s very easy to get aroused, as during the procedure a kind of a border between body and mind is created. So, one forgets about everything and focuses on feelings. 

The procedure also has some therapeutic properties. As we know, modern life is full of stresses, and this affects not only the quality of life but also our health. People suffer from various stress-related disorders. Stress is not a myth, so anti-stress therapy is becoming more and more popular. And tantra massage is a great tool that can help with it. 

  • Blood pressure is improved.
  • Stress is reduced.
  • One feels more confident and energetic.

The technique of the procedure

 In tantra massage, the masseuse caresses erogenous zones applying different techniques, depending on what area she is focused on. There are circular movements, gentle pressure, etc. Some areas are caressed clockwise, while the others – counterclockwise. This is needed not to disturb the natural circulation of energy. 

Usually, the massage of erogenous zones is given great importance, but other areas are also caressed, so that arousal wanders around the body, not concentrating only on the genitals. In addition to touches and interaction at the energy level, this procedure includes a special breathing technique.


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