Tips for Getting a Cash Loan from a Moneylender in Singapore 

Immediate liquid cash requirements might arise for anyone in Singapore. Here, Singaporeans have many options to find a moneylender. It is not advisable to find a local moneylender and pay up a higher rate of interest. Your question will be how can I get a personal loan immediately in Singapore. It is the licensed money-lending agency for professionals, salaried and self-employed people. 

Below are few Tips for Getting a Cash Loan from a Moneylender in Singapore

Inquire Offline

When you need cash to meet immediate cash requirements, inquire with your office colleagues, friends, and neighbors. After getting a list, it is advisable to call and inquire about those cash loan agents. It will help you if you can compare the interest rate, fees, tax, and other charges. The most important part is to know about the hidden charges if any. Yet, you must avail of a cash loan from a trusted agent only. It is advisable to apply with more than one agent. 

  • Call a reputed agent and inquire.
  • If you are eligible with proper documents, you can ask them to meet and discuss.
  • If ok, then fill the form with the necessary documents.
  • Before signing the agreement, it will help if you have read the terms, conditions, and repayment with interest.
  • Any of your known people need to sign as collateral. 

Here, you might get quick approval from one agent who approves your cash loan application. Thus, you can say you are not interested in the other two agents for making delay in disbursing cash loans.

Inquire Online

The smart way to avail of instant and quick cash loans in Singapore is to check online. Many licensed microfinancing companies are serving online with official websites and on an integrated platform. They have the below-mentioned features.

  • Search the web for the licensed Moneylender in Singapore.
  • It will help if you could find the most trusted and rated licensed Moneylender in Singapore.
  • Now, check for the necessary documents as asked by them with you.

You can quickly apply by uploading your company ID proof and other necessary documents as a scanned copy or from photos on your Smartphone.

    • After uploading and filling the form, you will come to know if you are eligible or not.
    • If eligible, you can know the loan amount and repayment schedule.
    • It is advisable to read them thoroughly and accept the cash loan online.
  • Your loan amount will be credited to your account within a few minutes.

 It will help you if you could read some online reviews of such online licensed moneylenders. It will help you if you can select the ones, which is having excellent customer reviews. The CRAWFORT SG is trusted among Singaporeans.

Rate of Interest

The rate of interest will differ between a nearby moneylender and a licensed moneylender in Singapore. An interest rate comparison is the best way to find the least charged agent. Apart from the interest, it will help you know any other charges you have to pay to get a cash loan with a licensed agent.

Do not accept money quickly and without guarantees

This is one of the essential tips. Think that when you apply for a loan, entities usually take a few days to confirm that they give you the money. 

In most cases, they ask you to show a series of guarantees to see that you can repay the credit. They may ask you for proof of income or employment contracts.

However, some entities will give you the money without the need to provide guarantees. They may want to charge you much higher interest or commissions than other financial institutions.


If you are confused or feel how I can get a personal loan immediately in Singapore, it will help you to consult with a financial advisor in your area. They will suggest the best as per your age, job nature, your residing location, and the necessary documents. Yet, it is an option only as they will suggest two to three licensed moneylenders in Singapore. It is your decision to avail a cash loan from CRAWFORT or its competitors in Singapore.


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