Four Recommended Brokers Based on the Forex Brokers List for 2022

Forex trading becomes one of the options in trading. Forex deals with the currency pair so it requires the access to the banks. However, traders cannot connect to the banks directly for the trading. That is why there are forex brokers. The brokers are connectors between the traders and banks. As the growth of forex trading nowadays, many forex brokers or trading companies also appear. That is why it is important to choose the suitable brokers. Forex brokers list for 2022 can provide the recommendation of reliable and trusted brokers. The list shows licensed brokers that have various useful functions and features for traders.

Recommendation of Reliable Forex Brokers

First recommendation is 10TradeFx. This is reliable broker of Hollway Global Ltd. It can be very reliable since it is authorized and licensed by Seychelles Financial Services Authority. This is one of the most reliable regulators of financial services in the world so there will not be any worries regarding the risks when traders want to use the services of the broker. Since trading requires many tools and charts to make analyses and decisions to sell or buy the forex, the tools in the platform will be important. 10TradeFx knows it and the platform has complete tools that will provide effectiveness for traders whenever they want to conduct the analyses.

1Market becomes next choice of trading platforms. This is not limited to the forex trading since there are also stocks, commodities, and also ETFs. This platform is utilized and accessed by traders from many countries. So far, the trading company of 1Market is already registered in around 27 countries and it is regulated by the CySEC. For beginner in trading, they can also gain benefit in using the platform since there are options of accounts so it is not difficult job to get the suitable type of account to start trading.

Other Options of Reliable Forex Trading Platforms

Those two are not the only reliable trading platforms since there are still other choices. AAATrade can become good alternative. This trading company is similar to the 1Market since both of them are regulated by CySEC although the features and functions offered in each of the platform are different. Even, it is also regulated by other regulators in Europe to increase its reliability. Of course, its best benefit is not only about its status as license and regulated broker but there are useful functions in its platform that enables traders to get easy access in the forex trading.

Related to the trading process, safety in each transaction is important. There can be great amount of money in single transaction so it is important to find reliable broker that can guarantee the safety in every transaction. AccentForex becomes good choice when it talks about the risk management in trading. Customer or traders will be able to do any transaction safely and there will be no problem during the process. It also has high speed of response and management. This will be useful when traders want to deposit and withdraw the money from the account. Moreover, speed in transaction is important so traders do not need to miss any chances to gain profits. 

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