Tale Of Nipah Virus

The generation after the World Wars had rarely seen any massive global destruction that could affect the economy, society, education, and basic living of human beings. However, when the coronavirus appeared somewhere in China, it quickly spread throughout the world and caused massive destruction globally. The world had shut down, and during the lockdown, people watched many movies related to viruses. The situation could be more relatable; however, there were not enough Telugu movies online on viruses. But there is one movie that is the Nipah Virus, and you can watch it if you are interested in watching virus movies.

This film had featured stars like KunchackoBoban as Dr. Suresh Rajan, Parvathy Thiruvotha as Dr. Annu, Tovino Thomas as Paul V. Abraham, Indrajith Sukumaran as Dr. Baburaj, Asif Ali as Vishnu Bhaskaran, Revathi as C. K. Prameela, PoornimaIndrajith as Dr. SmrithyBhaskar in the leading roles. There were many supporting actors like Rahman as Dr. Salim, Rima Kallingal as nurse Akhila, SoubinShahir as Unnikrishnan, Zakariya Mohammed as Zakariya, Indrans as Razak, Joju George as Babu, DileeshPothan as Prakashan, Madonna Sebastian as Dr. Sara Yakub, and RemyaNambeeshan as Raji. You should watch Telugu movies online like Nipah Virus if you are looking for a film to capture real-life situations.

The film Nipah Virus is based on the Nipah Virus outbreak of 2018 in Kerala’s Kozhikode district. Aashiq Abu directed this Malayalam medical thriller, and Rima Kallingal and Aashiq Abu produced it. The film was written by MuhsinParari, Sharfu and Suhas. The film had started several actors both in leading roles and supporting roles, and the audience and the film critics very well received these actors’ performance.

Some of the actors performed so well that the film had won many awards in supporting and responsible actor and actress categories. SoubinShahir had won the Best Supporting Actor. KunchackoBoban had won the Social Responsible Actor, Rima Kallingal had won the Social Responsibility Actress Award, and Parvathy Thiruvothu had won the Best Actress Award.

The story is based upon the real Nipah Virus outbreak, and it starts with a young man named Zakariya being admitted into the medical college of Kozhikode. An unknown virus has infected Zakariya, and he dies after a few hours of being admitted into the hospital. Two nurses who were nursing Zakariya were also infected, and upon more research, a doctor finds out that the symptoms resemble poisoning and Japanese encephalitis. When Zakariya’s sister and father are checked for infections, it is found out that this is the Nipah Virus case. Soon, more infected victims start pouring in, and the medical college tries to curb the situation. With the government’s help, the doctors try to isolate the victims and constrict the virus within the district.

You should watch this virus movie online if you are looking for the best performance, execution and direction, natural emotions, enlightening elements, and real-life stories of the virus victims.

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