Situations When to Consider Orthotics

Has your podiatrist recommended custom orthotics? Orthotics are shoe inserts that can help reduce pain and discomfort in your lower legs, feet, and back. Prescription Mission Viejo orthotics do much more, including managing and correcting certain conditions since they are custom-made following a 3D impression of feet. Besides a podiatrist’s recommendation, you can also buy over-the-counter orthotics in certain situations. Here are some instances you may need orthotics.


Muscle cramps, lower back, and joint pain are prevalent complaints in pregnant women. This is attributed to the weight gain exerting more pressure on your feet and joint for months. The weight also impacts circulation, which increases the chances of cramps. The developing baby also causes a shift in posture and center gravity, which increases the pressure on joints and muscles.

The situation is aggravated by hormonal changes, often impacting pelvic joints and making them unstable. This can significantly impact your mobility and spans from slight discomfort to severe pain and, in some cases, significantly affect your walking ability. Orthotics can help cushion your feet and facilitate better pressure distribution. They can also alleviate the strain on your lower back and knees, minimizing the pain and making walking more comfortable.


Does your occupation put you on your feet for more than 5 hours daily? Such situations put you at risk of feet, ankle, knees, and lower back pain. This is due to the lower-limb muscular exhaustion experienced over time, leading to musculoskeletal concerns, including overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis. Custom orthotics can help ease the tension, mitigate such injury risks, and keep you comfortable to be more productive.

Lower limb injuries

Lower limb injuries affect how you stand and move. You alter the pressure exerted on the injured foot, which affects the other limb. The imbalance can result in discomfort and pain and increase re-injury risks. Orthotics can help facilitate efficient movement and cushion your limbs from discomfort and re-injury.

Feet deformities

Biomechanical and genetic foot deformities can cause various problems, from acute to chronic pain and mobility concerns. The slightest misalignment can cause significant issues like stamina problems, knee issues, weak ankles, and heel pain. Deformities like bunions can also escalate faster with extra pressure, affecting more than your feet’ aesthetic appeal. Orthotics can help realign your feet and facilitate better balance. This improves posture and reduces stress points, enhancing foot function. The improved functions allow you to stand, walk, or run comfortably.

Foot pain

Foot pain following routine activities like walking can be frustrating and is often due to overuse injury. You are at an increased risk of inflammation leading to foot pain if you have high arches, flat feet, are overweight, or wear high heels. Orthotics offer more support and cushion your heel, minimizing the pain.

Your feet may not get the most attention, but when hurt, you may not attend to your routine as well. Orthotics can help keep the feet stronger and healthier, making it easier to remain productive for an extended period. Contact Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates today for more on orthotics and how they can help.

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