Everything You Need To Know About A Jacuzzi

Suppose you’re thinking about having a spa at home, and you’re undecided with so many options for bathtubs. In that case, a jacuzzi can be an excellent alternative for moments of relaxation and well-being.

Jacuzzi has always been synonymous with sophistication and luxury and is an excellent option for those who want a spa area at home. Discover all the features of this equipment, which is designed to provide moments of relaxation and well-being.

Known for its powerful water jets, the jacuzzi is the trade name for a hot tub with a specific water jet technology. Depending on the model, it has a capacity for up to seven people and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

It is a tank with filtration, heating, and disinfection systems, which keeps the water clean, sanitized, and constant which is good for spa maintenance. It is available in different sizes and models, from the most elegant to the most rustic, adapting to any decoration.

One of the advantages is that the jacuzzi does not need to be connected to a water inlet; it is possible to fill it with the help of a hose.

Benefits Of A Jacuzzi

One of the main benefits is the massage performed by water jets, providing muscle relaxation, physical and mental well-being. The action of hot water also stimulates blood circulation, in addition to reducing pressure on the joints. Furthermore, its therapeutic purposes can be enhanced with color therapy and aromatherapy.

How Is The Jacuzzi Maintained?

The water does not need to be changed frequently, and it just needs to be drained every three years. It is recommended to check the pH twice a week (which should be between 7 and 7.4), the alkalinity, and the water’s calcium hardness. Adjustments must be made following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The cleaning of the tub should be done with a soft sponge without adding chemicals. There are specific detergents for cleaning Jacuzzis and kits that include a suitable brush, a net for removing leaves (external area), vacuum cleaners, etc.

Important Tips

To guarantee the durability of your jacuzzi and also the quality of your bath, check out some essential tips:

  • before using the bathtub, take a full shower. This prevents residues of oils, creams, and gels from accumulating on the filter or the walls of the bathtub;
  • keep your jacuzzi always clean and use only chemical products for its maintenance. That way, there will be no spread of bacteria that cause skin diseases.
  • Always check the water temperature before entering the bathtub. The equipment usually comes with digital thermometers, otherwise use a floating thermometer.
  • Keep the tub covered at all times when not in use. This prevents accidents and unnecessary exposure to debris and dirt.

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