Planning to Ship Your Car from California to Florida? What are the Charges?

Most people in the USA always love the warm climate of Florida and prefer to move there. While moving to Florida, there is no need to sell the car that you have. You can prefer to travel by air while your car can be shipped to Florida.

Most of you must have a common question and that is how much will it cost for shipping a car from California to Florida. If you decide to ship your car from California to Florida then through Ship a Car, Inc. it may cost you around $1000 to $1500.

The actual price however will be decided based on the make and model of your car and what delivery option you will opt for. You must however do reseach to find a trustworthy shipping company whom you can rely upon.

How long will it take to ship your car from same California to Florida?

In most cases to transport a vehicle from California to Florida, it may take around 7 – 10 days, once you have delivered your car to the shipping company. There can however be some delay due to several reasons however most of the shipping companies will usually tell you as above.

If you choose to ship with an open transport then you can expect a much earlier delivery as most of the open transports is easily available. If you prefer for an enclosed truck, where only 10 percent of booking is received.  Therefore, unless a carrier carrying your car is fully booked your car will have to wait.

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If you prefer to drive yourself

There is also another option to take your car from California to Florida. You have to then drive all by yourself and spend a nice time while driving on the road for about 2,735.4 miles and that may take approximately 40 hours if you drive non-stop.

In this way, you may end up spending anything between $1000 to $1700 simply on the fuel for your car. Besides that, while driving your vehicle for more than 40-hours on the road will not only be too tiring for you but also wear out your car too.

So, driving from California to Florida will definitely hurt your pocket. If you are not too familiar with the route then easily you may end up driving about 3000 miles too.

Very few among you can drive from California to Florida without halting at someplace. So, you will also have to spend on your food or stay for a night in some hotel on the way. This will also incur an additional expense of about $1000 to $1500.

With the same amount, you can ship your car easily from California to Florida by hiring a service from Ship A Car too, and also save your car from getting wear and tear on the road.

These shipping companies are transporting cars from one end of the country to another end almost daily. They also have experience of the road. So, surely it will be a smart choice to hire their service to ship your car from California to Florida.

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