JEE-Mains 2021 August exams: Section-wise Tips To Ace Your Score

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the education minister Romesh Pokhriyal Nishank has taken the decision of conducting JEE-Mains 2021 in multiple sessions such as if the exam of one subject will be conducted in July other will be in August and September so that students can get admitted to the next academic session. This announcement has put an end to the queries of all students who had the question in their mind that when their exam will be conducted or whether the exam will be canceled.

Tips to secure a high score in JEE-Mains 2021

The following are the subject-wise study plan that will help the students to secure good marks in the JEE-Mains exam of 2021-2022:

Tips for Physics

Physics is the most important subject in the JEE-Mains exam. If you need to score good marks in this subject you need to go through  JEE MAIN Previous Years Question Papers which will help you to become fast, accurate and smart. You must have strong conceptual knowledge if you want to secure a high score in the entrance exam. The questions in the JEE Mains are mainly made on the basis of NCERT and so you should not forget to cover the textbook of NCERT. You must strengthen the basics of Physics and you need to to solve objective I, II as well as the theory q


Tips for Chemistry

Chemistry is another most important subject in the JEE-Mains exam and if you study this subject planwise then it can be a very rewarding subject for  you. Most of the questions that are set in the JEE-Mains exam are straightforward and are also on the basis of NCERT textbooks. That is the reason why it is always advisable to go through all the solved and unsolved questions of the NCERT text books. You should also practice the mock tests that are there in the JEE MAIN Mock Test 2021. You should keep an aim of completing the mock test within a short span of time. It will help you to get accuracy and speed. Saving time in the entrance exam is very important as it will allow you to get some additional time for completing the complex things that may be there in the Physics and vMathematics section. Thus solving the mock test will allow you to  complete all the sections in the proper time. While  solving the mock test you  will get the feeling of appearing in the real exam. Some of the most important topics in Chemistry are Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Biomolecules, Polymer, Aldehyde Ketone and Carboxylic acids, Equilibrium, Coordinate Compounds etc.  and the majority of questions are asked from these topics. However, very few  questions are asked from topics like Qualitative Analysis, General principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements and Surface Chemistry etc.

Tips for Mathematics

Mathematics is certainly the most essential part of JEE-Mains. The only mantra behind securing good marks in Mathematics is to practice mathematics. The more you practice the more it becomes easier for you to solve the problems. Apart from solving NCERT text books you must also solve the JEE MAIN Sample Papers 2021. This will help you to get a fair idea about the question pattern. Apart from that, you can also guess the type of that will appear in the exam.

This is how you should practice the most important subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of JEE-Mains. When you will go through the Mock test you will come to know the pattern of the exam.  The more you practice the more it becomes for you to solve the question in the main exam and you will surely come out with flying colors.

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