How To Improve The Quality Of Your Skin?

It is possible to improve the quality of your skin by making a few changes in your lifestyle: diet, sleep pattern, quality of fabrics in clothes, etc. Choose products rich in good fats, such as fish (omega-3), for supple, shiny, and youthful skin. When it comes to caring, natural products from Metropolitan Skin Clinic for example should be used. Hydration is essential for shiny skin. You must apply a protective cream before exposing yourself to the sun. Even if the sun brings you vitamin D, too long exposure can attack your skin.

The habits to lose absolutely to take care of your skin:

  • Using body products for the face and vice versa,
  • Frequently changing hygiene habits,
  • Using inexpensive products,
  • Showering with cold water without using products,
  • Having irregular or insufficient,
  • Diets that are too rich in fats (or fast foods),
  • Neglecting hydration: On average, you should drink 2 liters of water a day.
  • Take a bath daily (or too frequently),
  • Epilate before sunbathing,
  • Neglect the use of body milk or sunscreen.

How To Take Care Of The Skin Of Intimate Areas?

The private parts are very delicate. Also, the products you will use must be chosen carefully to avoid infections or other problems. In particular, it is necessary to use a dermatological bar or an intimate shower gel for the toilet. It is unnecessary to wash morning and evening unless you have urogenital problems. Using cold water without other products to clean the private parts can also promote vaginal dryness.

How To Take Care Of Armpit Skin?

The armpits are sensitive areas and tend to darken. To take good care of this skin, you must:

  • Use deodorants without ammonia, with alum stone,
  • Depilate with wax rather than shaving,
  • Exfoliate with sugar, honey, and lemon (if it has already darkened) 3 times per week,
  • Apply moisturizers to smooth the skin,
  • Take a shower before sleeping and avoid keeping your deodorant on for too long.

How To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin?

Skin is said to be sensitive and that’s why yu need treatment like nasolabial fold treatment for example, if it is prone to reactions such as redness at the slightest change. Atopic or allergic skin requires much attention because improper care or products can cause unpleasant reactions. Feel free to consult a specialist to identify the problem’s origins. You should use neutral pH soap and 100% natural products for care. Also, remember to protect the area against the sun and irritants. You can find special products for this type of skin in para pharmacies.

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