All About Dental Trauma and Ways to Deal with It

Dental injuries and accidents do occur among kids as well as teenagers and sometimes in people of all ages. They are usually caused as a result of sports mishaps, automobile accidents or even bad falls. This can be traumatic and may affect your lifestyle and therefore it is important to get the treatment done immediately.

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What is a Dental Trauma?

Dental trauma is a trauma or an injury that is caused to your tooth or the periodontium (gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament) or any nearby soft tissues like that of lips, tongue etc.

What are the different types of dental injuries?

  • Chipped or fractured tooth: This is the issue in majority of the cases. Many of the fractured or chipped tooth crowns could be repaired by either by placing a tooth-colored filling or attaching the broken piece. In case of larger portion of the teeth broken then it may be refilled by an artificial crown or a “cap”. In case of serious injuries to the back teeth or if the crack has extended deep into the root, then you may require a root canal treatment or a full-coverage crown.
  • Dislodged teeth: In this case, the tooth may be pushed out or into the socket. In such case, your dentist will stabilize soon after repositioning the tooth. If this is the problem with a permanent tooth, then the dentist will have to start with a root canal treatment few days after the injury. If the teeth is knocked out completely then the dentist can save the tooth by placing it back in the socket.
  • Knocked-out tooth: In this case, your dentist will try to put the tooth back into the socket. If it did not fit in correctly, then your endodontist will clean it and reinstate it. A stabilizing support will be place for few weeks. Then depending on the root development, they will start with a root canal treatment few weeks later.
  • Root fractures: Here, if the fracture is near to the root tip, then chances of getting success is higher, but if it is closer to the gum line then the success will be less.
  • Traumatic dental injuries in kids: A chipped teeth can be restored aesthetically. If there is a dislodged teeth then it can be repositioned. However, in case when the primary tooth is knocked out, then it should not be replanted. This is because it will damage the permanent tooth that is growing inside the bone. A kid’s permanent tooth, which is not fully developed require special attention and careful follow-up.
  • Root Resorption: This occurs when your body starts to reject its own tooth through its defense mechanism. In such a case, you have to return back to your endodontist to get it examined and treated at regular intervals.

What are the risk factors?

This includes:

  • Children in the age group of 3 to 15 years.
  • More among male than females
  • Mainly occurs in summer rather than winter
  • People playing sports like football, hockey, rugby, basketball and skating
  • Piercing done in tongue or lips
  • Military training
  • Acute changes found in the barometric pressure that can affect people doing scuba diving and aviators

How to prevent it?

Prevention is very difficult, especially among people who are very active. You can make use of gum-shields while playing sports or in case of military training. This is been placed on the upper teeth as it has higher risk of getting injured as compared to the lower teeth. These are completely safe and comfortable for users to wear it during their activities.

What are the complications?

You should be aware that all the dental traumas are not immediate. You can see the effect even after years or months of initial incidents. Common complications seen are pulpal necrosis, root resorption, pulpal obliteration, and damage caused to the successor teeth. In such case, regular follow up with dentist is required.

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