How to Clean Dust from PC without Compressed Air?

Every PC owner knows that the best way to ensure their computer continues to run optimally is to clean it regularly. Would you be able to function if you had a layer of dust on your brain? That’s just what happens when the CPU has accumulated dust and it needs to be cleaned right away. Compressed air is the best option for doing so, but it can be quite expensive in the long run, especially if you have to clean frequently.

How to clean dust from PC without compressed air? Many PC owners want to know and answer and luckily, there are several options they can explore:

  • With silicone blower

One of the cheapest methods out there for cleaning dust from your PC without compressed air is by using a silicone blower. It works the same way as an air canister, but is a cheaper option, and just relies on the strength of your hand’s grip. You just have to apply enough pressure for cleaning the dust that has accumulated on the surface of electronic components.

  • With a hairdryer

Hairdryers are used for blowing hair and that’s all you need for cleaning your PC. But, just bear in mind that you shouldn’t use it for a long period of time because hairdryers give off hot air and this can melt the plastic components. You can blow the air in intervals.

  • With a vacuum cleaner

You can find vacuum cleaners that come with 2-in-1 functions. It can suck dust and dirt at the same time and the other side can function as a wind blower. It is good enough to clean the fans and heatsinks.

  • With a fan

A portable fan can also come in handy for blowing away dirt and dust. If you are using something that blows hot air, just keep it at a good distance.

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