How To Choose The Right Neurosurgeon?

Undergoing surgery can be a big deal for anyone. An even more complex kind of surgery that requires extreme care and can become a matter of life or death is neurosurgery. When you know that you have found the right surgeon, you can have your mind at peace knowing that you are being taken care of by a qualified and experienced medical provider. 

Neurosurgery can be a life-threatening or life-altering procedure. If you are suffering from a brain tumor or other disorder concerning the central nervous system, and no treatment plan has worked yet, you may choose to go for surgery. To know which option would be right for your condition and health, consult an expert for neurosurgery Edison today. 

Steps to choose the right neurosurgeon 

  • Go through the person’s testimonials. 

You can review the neurosurgeon’s patient testimonials on Google or on their website if they have one. While it is not recommended to choose a neurosurgeon based only on their website testimonials, they do help in narrowing down your options. If a neurosurgeon has happy and healthy past patients, they must have done a good job in conducting the surgery and treating them. 

  • Get referrals. 

Just the decision of getting surgery can be a big one. If you have decided to finally get surgery, looking for a neurosurgeon all by yourself is not recommended. Ask your primary care doctor for referrals. You can also ask your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone you know who has undergone neurosurgery in the past. Getting recommendations from people you know and trust is far better. 

  • Specialized experience. 

It is not easy to become a good neurosurgeon. Not only do they need to complete years of medical school and practice, but they also must have been practicing in their field for at least one or two decades. A surgeon can be in their profession for five or ten years and still make errors that lead to medical malpractice. Ask the neurosurgeon about their experience and if they have had any additional training, such as fellowship. 

  • Consider the quality and status of the hospital. 

The quality and status of a hospital say a lot about the kind of medical providers, including neurosurgeons, they hire. If the hospital has a history of surgeons and staff with medical malpractice or other legal issues, you should steer clear of it. You can also personally talk to the patients of a certain hospital and ask them about their experience so far. 

If you are looking for a good neurosurgeon, contact Jeff Pan, MD, today. 

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