How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Treat Sports Injuries in Lawrenceville

Athletes consider their bodies as an investment. But their bodies are usually put under significant stress, resulting in different injuries. Physical therapy and surgery are common treatment options for sports-related injuries and pain management. However, recently, modern medicine has introduced stem cell therapy to treat sports injuries Lawrenceville

What to Know About Stem Cells

Unlike other body cells, stem cells can break and replicate themselves. In fact, they can evolve into a different type of cell that has a specific function, depending on what the body needs. Thus, when placed in a certain area in the body, stem cells adjust to meet a particular need. These traits allow these cells to treat sports injuries. These days, athletes who sustained injuries can recover from them more quickly and effectively than ever. Stem cell therapy offers the following benefits:

Faster Healing and Recovery

Often, surgery results in a long recovery time. In sports medicine, experts focus on helping athletes get back on track as quickly as possible. Athletes must heal and gain back their strength, so they can play again. Stem cell therapy allows for faster and more effective healing and recovery. Typically, patients can resume their normal activity within just one week. 

Reduced Inflammation

Stem cells can minimize inflammation that results from the injury. Stem cell therapy eases the pain and quickly decreases joint inflammation. Patients can notice an improvement within a few weeks. The treatment’s anti-inflammatory effects should be noticeable for up to a couple of years. 

Tissue Regeneration

Some sports injuries can lead to serious and permanent tissue damage. Stem cell therapy helps damaged tissues regenerate. Studies reveal that adult stem cells have the capacity to renew themselves, making them vital for tissue regeneration. Thus, stem cells are quite useful for tendon tear treatment and new cartilage regeneration. 

Although there are many ways stem cells can be used to treat injuries, athletes can consider stem cell therapy to recover from a chronic condition or a sports injury. Stem cell therapy can effectively treat common sports injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, ACL tears, and tennis elbow. 

How Experts Use Stem Cells for Treating Sports Injuries

Stem cell therapy is used for muscle, cartilage, and bone damage. Depending on an athlete’s injury, stem cells can be applied through an injection, direct surgery, or stem cell-bearing sutures. Often, stem cells are harvested from a patient’s bone marrow or fat. 

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