Home Remedies for Hair Damage Control        

No matter how much of a strict disciplinarian we are, when it comes to choosing and using our hair care products, but if we don’t let it coddle in the goodness of natural ingredients from time to time, it loses its gloss and shine. Your hair might get damaged and limp with the incessant chemical build up which could lead to brittle and dry hair.

Here are 5 home remedies to include in your Sunday Beauty routine overhaul to get thicker hair.

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  1. Scalp scrub
  2. Hair masks
  3. Oiling
  4. Hair care
  5. Trim your hair

  1. Scalp scrub

The secret to healthy hair lies in a clean, nourished scalp. Extreme weather conditions, can make the scalp flaky and dry. Regular usage of chemical products and pollution also causes build up which even your best shampoo cannot completely remove. Brown sugar acts as a natural exfoliator making your scalp squeaky clean and bacteria-free. Mix two parts of it with a few spoonful of olive oil which acts as a natural conditioner and apply it along the lengths of your hair. Wash it off with cold water.

  1. Hair masks

Anoint your hair this weekend with this hair mask which will nourish your dry, damaged hair from within leaving it glossy and hydrated for a long time. Mash a banana with a spoonful of yogurt and let the magical fruit which is known for its moisture retaining properties breathe life into your parched strands. Rinse off with cold water after an hour.

  1. Oiling

Embrace the old hair care wisdom that came from your grandmother and treat yourself to an oil massage at least once every week to revitalize your strands. Natural oils like coconut oil penetrate the hair shaft and delivers the essential nutrients and vitamins required for healthier hair. It also promotes hair growth making your hair thick naturally.

  1. Hair care

If your hair is dull and damaged, the reason could be major blips in your care routine. No amount of weekly salon treatments or expensive hair care products are going to work if you fail to follow the basic hair care steps of limiting the use of heat styling equipment, using the right hair care products from time to time and taking precautions against extreme weather conditions and pollution.

  1. Trim your hair

Whether you go for a salon appointment, or you snip your hair at home, it’s important to maintain a strict schedule of trimming your hair at least once in three months. Going without a haircut for too long can leave your hair looking scraggly, broken and frayed. It is important you follow this to get thicker hair.

If you want your hair to look thicker and healthier, here are some things to keep in mind. Choose the right kind of hair products that don’t weigh your hair down and make sure you style your hair in a way and choose haircuts that don’t make your hair less voluminous. Making changes to your diet and adding some vitamins supplements can also help, but if you want a one-stop solution for healthier and thicker hair, then choose Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo. The Pro-Vitamin B5 formula nourishes the hair from within and gently cleanses your scalp, leaving it healthier, glossier and thicker.

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