How Does The Classic Single Clamp Pallet Turner Works?

TopIndustries designed the classic single clamp pallet turner that tilts the load up to 180° quickly. The unit is capable to handle loads with a height of 79” and 3,300 pounds maximum weight. It is capable to handle 35 pallets within an hour. The stationary pallet inverter has a small footprint, so it can exchange pallets in narrow spaces.

You can choose the semi-automatic version and manage the machine with a push button. The fully automatic model does not need an operator.

How does the single clamp pallet tilter work?

  • The operator transports loaded pallets via forklift inside the machine.
  • The operator activates the moving platform via the push button panel and the entire load is blocked quickly with the clamp.
  • The entire load is tilted safely by 180° and the clamp is released.
  • The operator will remove the old pallet from the tipped load.
  • A new pallet is then inserted at the bottom of the product.
  • The movable platform will clamp the product gently.
  • The load is tilted again with a new pallet.
  • The upper platform reached up and releases products.
  • The operator uses the forklift to pick up the exchanged unit load.

For stable products like cartons and boxes, just tilt the pallet inverter up to 90°.

SC pallet inverter customization

You can even choose to modify the requirement for better operational efficiency as well as maximize employee safety.

Some common customization options are –

  • Wide body – Widebody models are designed to handle side-by-side and oversized loads with ease. Inverting framework is centered on the base frame with widened clamping table and basket. It is reinforced with extra steel, gussets, and bracing to prevent flexing against load inversion and compression.
  • Palletless standoffs – Heavy-duty standoff profiles are bolted or welded to a single or both tables. Profile height and width are designed to work specifically with the thickness and spread of forklift tines. It is a great made-to-order SC pallet tilter for products that don’t need pallet transport but simple angling.
  • Extended clamp range – Finding a pallet inverter to accommodate your load size range is challenging. the basket opening is not sufficient in height or the range of the clamp plate is insufficient to secure the short loads or the standard SC model is not suitable. So, a customization order will help.

The SC classic pallet inverter rotates with ease and safely on its side. The contents on the pallet are not disturbed, so it is a great option to be used in pharmaceutical and food facilities as well as distribution and warehousing operations.

Food warehouses need to transfer heavy unit loads from shipped wooden pallets into hygienic plastic bases for storage in a sterilized environment. Pallet tilters even help food facilities to prevent delicate powders from caking and binding. It helps in the regular rotation of stored sensitive products to maintain their goodness.

Even in general material handling, SC classic pallet tilters help to move loads and exchange pallets quickly.

TopIndustries Classic SC pallet inverter solution helps to enhance efficiency and productivity. Get to know TopIndustries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels.

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