How to Drive Sales Using Store Counters?

The retail stores are an amalgamation of multiple important elements. The store counter is one such important aspect. This is the point where the shoppers turn into customers and where you have the leverage to increase the transaction volume. Also, multiple retailers use the store counters as a great point for inducing impulse buying within the minds of the customers and increase their engagement and loyalty. Besides these, there are certainly other ways through which you can drive sales through the store counters.

Right merchandising

When you are putting products on the retail counter, they need to be small, easily accessible, easy to browse and affordable. This will help the shoppers to pick the goods up and add them to their basket. These items can be anything from accessories, makeup, pens, candies or tissues. These are certain necessary things that people forget about picking earlier. Also, they are such items that do not force people to think long before purchasing. You can try different price points and check the best conversion rates.

Attentive to designs

The design of the counters is equally important as the merchandise you are selling. Overcrowded counters are the worst scenarios and it will not let the shoppers put their baskets on them. You need to leave the counters enough airy for everybody to have their own space. You can put the display items in front of the counter and place the units in a way that shoppers can browse through them while checking out.

Targeting signage

Signage must be placed adequately across the entire store, but you must put it at the counters too. Here is where you need to advertise the impulse buys rightly and remind the customers to check out the promotions they might have missed. You can also advertise about your initiatives of loyalty or subscription programs right at the counters.

Attentive POS system

If your store is using a modern POS system, it is to be made sure that you are making the most out of every customer interaction. You need to pull every detail that you need and even take their feedback. This is how you build great customer relationships and help them take some recommendations about certain products.

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