How Can You Protect Your Mailbox from Spam Emails?

Spam email or a junk email is an unwanted mail that is usually sent to addresses in bulk to promote a particular product or service. Hackers take advantage of spam emails to collect sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card information from people. This threat makes spam mails highly unsafe for businesses. Hackers trick users to provide personal information through false freebie offers and fake contests. To prevent this, you can choose Email Server Hosting, along with your web hosting plan, which can take care of this issue with advanced security and a host of winning features.

Although it is difficult to stop receiving spam emails or eliminate them altogether, you can combat it through anti-spam techniques, choosing a domain email address, being aware of the threats, and paying close attention to such fake emails.

The problem with spam emails

Spam emails are emails sent to recipients without their consent or permission. The email addresses of recipients are collected from squeeze pages of the website or postings. Spammers can send spam emails to hundreds and thousands of recipients at a time with a single mouse click using some special software.

Every day we receive spam and unwanted emails on our email accounts, which we cannot help but accept and then delete right away. But there are few practices through which you can handle them or get rid of them. You can ask your web hosting service or provider to block these potential spam emails. Many hosting companies provide email server hosting with strong spam filters.

It has become a great burden for many IT professionals to provide safety against such spam emails. But the latest technologies and developments allow you to avoid spammers and spam emails altogether. Let us check how.

How to protect your mailbox from spam emails?

Here are some of the effective methods to fight spam.

1.     Blacklists

A blacklist is a listing or a database that is the main source of spam emails. Setting your mail server with a blacklist and then configuring it to check every inbound email against the blacklist helps significantly. Doing this blocks the messages and emails originating from these primary sources. SpamCop and DBSL are two great blacklist services.

2.     Firewall

A firewall is an amazing defence against any type of spammer, hacker, or cracker. It acts as a wall between the hackers and your network applications, protecting them from getting damaged.

3.     Email filters

Email filtering services quarantine email threats, spam, and viruses before they even reach your network’s server. They work as a filter that prevents receiving and protects the delivery of spam emails in your mailbox.

4.     Block port 25

TCP port 25 is a port that allows outbound email traffic. Blocking this port prevents spam and mass emails from being sent from your email address to other recipients. This is good security practice incorporated by successful businesses.

5.     Check your server’s relay setting

Your server’s relay setting allows you to check which servers and computers have the right and access to send SMTP emails. It is crucial to limit the IP address of your server to email users; otherwise, spammers will send unwanted emails to your Business Email by misusing your mail server.

6.     Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS consist of an IP address with a domain name. They compare the IP addresses with the email address domain name, and if they do not match, it considers the email as spam.

Summing Up

No one wishes to receive spam emails in their mailbox, and getting rid of them can provide a huge relief. Implement the measures mentioned above to avoid receiving spam or unwanted emails.

There are multiple hosting services for Email Hosting in India that provide professional email for businesses. These services include advanced spam filtering technologies to help prevent spam or online threats. Research and check out several email plans for your business and secure your mailbox.

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