Tips For Effective Communication During Pandemic

One of the effect of the pandemic is the shift of the work setup in numerous industries like the finance industry. Many employees now work from their homes, using their devices and the internet to communicate with their clients.
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As the regulation on data protection matters even more nowadays, firms and companies should be aware of how call monitoring solutions can maintain effective communication.

Document which Communication Platforms the Employees Are Using

Firms can monitor what communication channels are used to contact their clients and easily determine whether it complies with company regulations and guidelines.

Increase Surveillance on Employee Communications

Reviewing employees’ communications with their clients through recording solutions can help companies retain business-related messages and check for compliance issues as early as possible.

Update Key Terms for eDiscovery and Communications Monitoring

To effectively monitor communications flow, companies may need to update key terms and phrases such as cybersecurity and valuationused to check for compliance issues.
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Use a Reliable Mobile Archiver

Firms and companies can opt to invest in an archiving solution that helps monitor text messages, record voice calls, and retain conversations from WhatsApp and WeChat.With a reliable mobile archiver, companies can simplify their data gathering processes and allow smoother eDiscovery response in monitoring employee communications.

If you are searching for more information on effective communication during the pandemic, check out the infographic by TeleMessage.


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