Here’s How You Can Prevent Drying of Food When Reheating It in The Microwave

Using a microwave to heat food has been an idealized concept since the inception of electronic appliances. And it is during the ongoing pandemic that a lot of homemakers are now relying on the user device to prepare quick meals amidst busiest weekdays or late-night snacks for fun weekends. Microwaves are amazing, given how they help in faster cooking. Not only do they save you time but they are even capable of handling a plethora of nutritional food options.

However, if you aren’t aware of the cooking hacks, you might end up having dried and flavorless leftover food when you attempt to reheating them inside the microwave. Use the given below tips to prevent your food from turning flavorless, rubbery, or dried.

Top Hacks to Enjoy Fresh Reheated Food from The Microwave

Put in Efforts for Proper Storage of Leftovers

If the entire reheating of leftover food sounds dubious to you, make sure you store the same properly, to begin with. Wrap the foods you are about to store inside the refrigerator tightly without leaving any gaps, to lock the moisture in.

Go For the Ideal Storage Containers

Investing in the right microwave-friendly containers is important if you have to use a microwave. A lot of containers in ceramic, glass, and even paper are microwave-safe, considering how the microwaves pierce through them. While some plastic containers might be microwave-friendly, there are several out there which would instantly melt when put inside the microwave. Avoid using metal pans inside the microwave. This is because the microwave passing through the microwave-safe containers is reflected off, because of the materials and can do them harm in the long run.

Always opt For the Correct Method for Reheating

If you are whipping up a recipe that demands to be crunchy, like maybe fried items, rolls, pizzas, and fries then consider using a toaster oven or even switch to the oven’s broiler function. You wouldn’t find a better way to reheat crunchy food items in the microwave. Lower the power settings of your microwave, if you are to reheat food that demands lesser-intensity reheating.

For Uniform Cooking, Organize the Food

When you are using a microwave to heat food (การ ใช้ ไมโครเวฟ อุ่น อาหาร, which is the term in Thai) ensure the food is organized properly to pave way for uniform heating. It is when you organize the food in one layer that you are allowing for even distribution of heating.

So, from next time, invest some more time in reheating your food to avoid ending up with a soggy mess or a dried item. A little effort and time can go a long way in helping you enjoy fresh food from the microwave.

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