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Which is the best kitchen countertop material? Find here!

There is no dearth of choices when it comes to countertops materials for the kitchen. Marble, granite, quartz, stainless steel, limestone, sandstone, copper, glass, and vinyl – These are some of the popular choices. If you check with known suppliers in Montreal, such as Granite au Sommet countertops, you will find that they usually recommend natural stones or quartz over other options. In this post, we are sharing more on things you must know for selecting the right kitchen countertop material. 


If you are keen on using a strong natural stone, granite could be a great choice. Known for being extremely durable and heat resistant, granite is among the kitchen countertop materials meant to last. A wide range of colors are also available, and you can always go for a darker shade to avoid staining. 

On the other hand, granite is porous, so you have to spend on maintenance by sealing the kitchen countertops yearly. The material is heavy, so the base has to be strong enough to withstand the weight. Professional installation is extremely important for ensuring the life of granite counters. 


If aesthetics matter for your over other things, consider marble. Marble is known for being prone to staining and can break, but even then, the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the material is hard to ignore or replicate. Marble kitchen countertops can last a lifetime, with maintenance. Having marble on your property does add value to it, as well. 

In comparison, marble is not that great in durability when compared with granite. Also, marble kitchen countertops can be expensive, and while you can do your best with regards to staining, this is a concern. 


For the unversed, quartz is made from natural quartz and polymer resins. It is an engineered material but is more durable and stronger than granite. The downside of quartz is the price, which can be on the higher side, but since kitchen countertops are an investment, spending that extra is always worth it. 

Quartz comes in a wide range of colors, because it is engineered. This works as an advantage for projects, where the owners want all the kitchen countertops to look the same. Quartz, however, doesn’t work well for exterior kitchens, because when exposed to high temperatures for long, the material will lose its shine. 

Check online for suppliers near you to find more on these kitchen countertop materials and take a call accordingly. 


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