Custom Fair Booth Design with AI in Modular Trade Show Displays


As you develop your custom booth design, you can count on one thing. Fierce competition. And the competition evolves as technology shifts. New, disruptive technologies shift in all industries as best practices in modular trade show displays develop. Whether you need trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas or purchase a fair booth design from an experienced booth builder, it is time to reinvent yourself and your brand on the trade show floor.

Here are some ways to change how brand exhibitors approach custom booth design and take modular trade show displays to the next level. 

Artificial Intelligence in Modular Trade Show Displays

The 4th industrial revolution has arrived. The world is now driven by artificial intelligence (AI) emerging across all business verticals. Fair booth design, construction and branding stand witness to rapid changes thanks to AI. Here’s how AI impacts custom booth design, with a few ideas to stretch your imagination as you plan for your next trade show.

Virtual Sales Assistant

A virtual sales assistant adds value to efforts to generate qualified leads by providing guidance with rapid, precise insights that your sales team then uses to follow up. Classify visitors on the trade show floor and afterwards into valuable, desirable leads. Consider leveraging AI to categorize your leads if your marketing or sales team follows a rigorous process.

Custom Booth Design Supports Networking

Driving traffic to your trade show booth is the whole point behind participating in the show. The challenge has always been to match the trade show staff schedule with the peeks of visitor attendance. AI can set a calendar to match your team’s schedules to the visitor numbers. So, you can make sure there is enough time to invest in building client relationships.

A Booth Builder Sets Up AI Shopping Suggestions

To generate on-site sales with your fair booth design at the show, empowering attendees to make purchasing choices is critical. Your team can use robotic concierge carts, so booth visitors make assisted purchases and to sell more, easier than ever. 

AI for Speech & Image Recognition

As your marketing team sells proprietary knowledge with limited access to those with a paid subscription, you can also secure the information with AI. Lean on speech and image recognition for safeguarding valuable knowledge-intensive resources while your team conducts demonstrations, presentations and free trials for show attendees.

In Summary

Artificial Intelligence works the bots on the chat on your bank’s website. It also runs the machines that built your car. Ai can play chess (probably better than you can.) Siri, Alexa, and other smart assistants are examples of AI. Then, add some self-driving cars, robo-advisors, an email spam filter, and Netflix’s recommendations, and you likely encounter AI every day. 

So, as you consider your next custom booth design, consider how AI can help you face that fierce competition on the trade show floor. Competition continues to evolve as the technology advances. Now, look at your trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas or your purchase of a fair booth design from an experienced booth builder as a way to reinvent yourself and your brand on the trade show floor.

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