Crafting a Business Signage: Factors that Makes It Effective

For a business, visibility is crucial.  A store cannot attract potential customers if it is located away from major streets and there are no marks that announce its presence. It might as well not exist if it cannot be seen by the public.

Nowadays, a business no longer has to work hard to be noticed. By establishing an online presence, they can catch consumers’ attention and point to their store’s location. Moreover, traditional strategies such as using eye-catching store signage are still very effective in advertising and marketing in the present age.

Signage, to be effective, needs to be noticeable, and it should communicate what the store is all about. Meaning, it does not just require having the business name and logo. The design, too, matters. It contributes to how consumers perceive the business.

Here are the factors that should be considered when crafting business signage.

Sign Material

The material you used for your signage can make or break it. It may not always be appropriate to use tarpaulin, no matter how cost-effective it may be. Spending a little more on your base can positively impact and make the business look trustworthy.

Different materials can be used to print, paint, or carve the signage.

Wood is one of the most common because it is one of its versatility and affordability. Entrepreneurs primarily use plywood as a blank canvas. It is durable and lasts long, and it has a smooth base – perfect for painting. It can also serve as a base for other materials such as banners or foams.

Metal, on the other hand, looks the most sophisticated. It is the most resilient of all materials, too, able to withstand strong winds and rains. However, creating metal signage requires laser cutting, a process in which patterns or letters are etched onto the hard material. It is often used in service signs and directional information, demonstrating professionalism and reliability.

Neon evokes fun. A neon sign that lights up overnight is a 24/7 marketing tool because it is visible even in the dark. In fact, it is at night that it becomes the most attractive. The human eyes are just drawn to its colorful lights. It is best for coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

Sign Design

But, an effective sign is more than just the base. The content itself matters, too – a lot.

You likely will need to hire a professional graphic artist to create a design that is eye-catching, visually appealing, and communicates what the business is all about. The task requires deciding which colors or fonts to use, how big the texts or images will be, and what information will be included and excluded. While the content has to be visible, it should not be too cluttered. It should not be too basic and empty, either, because, if it is, it will fail to stand out from the signage of your competitors.

You will need to be picky and imagine how the customer will perceive it. It should reflect your identity and contribute to establishing branding that will stick in the public’s consciousness.

Sign Placement

Your sign is perfect, thanks to all the hard work and resources you invested into its development. However, for it to be effective, it should be placed in a location where people will see it.

The sign needs to be visible. Otherwise, potential consumers will miss it. It cannot effectively draw people into the store if it is obscured by a big tree or placed behind other, bigger, louder ads.

A sign mounted on the front of the store parallel to the road needs to be bigger to be visible. If it is too small, driving customers will struggle to see it even if they were actively looking for it. In fact, according to experts, it should be at least 70 percent bigger than a sign that is placed perpendicular to the road.

Passing consumers should be able to see the sign from a distance. Walk several steps from all possible directions. If the sign is unreadable, consider making it bigger or switching its placement.

Creating signage for your business is more complex than it sounds. There is a lot to be considered for it to become an effective way to market and advertise your store to potential customers. Without good signage, your business might as well be invisible. It will become harder to succeed.

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