Compression Therapy 101: What Does A Sock Has To Offer?

Are you having trouble performing your daily activities? Do your ankles and knees feel tired and numb all the time? Perhaps you need compression socks. These are special foot undergarments that are gaining traction in the fitness scene. Many people swear by its promises of life-changing comfort. But what does it actually do? Let’s find out!  


An Overview of Compression Socks

So, how do snug-fitting and somewhat stretchy socks help with your daily routine? According to experts, compression is an essential aspect of relaxation. That is exactly what compression socks do. It applies pressure by gently squeezing your legs and ankles. Thus, improve circulation, reduce the risk of varicose veins, and prevent discomfort.  


The Science Behind Compression Socks

The principle of compression is simple. By placing enough force, it pushes a significant volume of blood into circulation. As a result, it encourages blood to travel smoothly from your feet to your heart. This process also lowers the chances of blood refluxing downward to your foot. Doing so will keep your blood flowing and moving, which makes it harder for clots to occur.   


Who Can Use Compression Socks?

Compression socks are safe to use for everyone. It is ideal in many ways, including the following:  


Sports and Athletics

Over the years, many seasoned athletes and trainers have been using compression socks. You can often see them wearing it on their legs and arms. It helps improve athletic performance and prevent tissue damage.  


Body Support

Slacking and not moving the whole day can make you prone to circulation problems. Since your leg muscles do not function enough, it is easy for blood to collect on your veins. When this happens, blood flow will pose a significant challenge.   Compression socks are essential to add pressure on your lower limbs. Doing so will encourage blood to flow correctly.  


Relaxation and Recovery

After a day of work and other strenuous activities, all we want is a relaxing deep-tissue massage. But how can you have one if you’re at home? Compression socks are the perfect alternative that can help you relax after a long day. It also boosts physical performance so you can be ready for what’s ahead.  


Fitness and Health

Compression socks will support your legs to reduce the risk of fatigue. For fitness enthusiasts, wearing this one-of-a-kind sock won’t make you feel as exhausted. Many people swear to experience lesser swelling and soreness after using compression socks. Although indirectly, it can also help burn calories and extend your fitness sessions.  


Rehabilitation and Post-surgery

Often after knee surgeries, medical professionals recommend the use of compression socks. It aims to reduce swelling and restrict the development of spider or varicose veins. More importantly, you can avoid blood clotting. Compression stockings hastens recovery process, getting you back on track in no time.  


Getting Your Compression Socks

Before getting your compression socks, it is crucial to know their different types. Each classification has its unique features and uses. So, it pays to be knowledgeable about which type to buy. Depending on your preference and needs, you can use this information when choosing the right kind of socks.   There are three different kinds of compression stockings, including the following:  


Graduated Stockings

This type of socks has the most intense pressure towards the ankles. But this pressure gradually decreases on the leg area. It is useful for mobility and helps to lower swelling due to fluid build-up. It is a medical-grade compression sock, so it undergoes the necessary assurance tests. This process ensures that the product meets specific criteria and specifications.  


Anti-embolism Stockings

This particular type of stockings help reduce the possibility of deep vein thrombosis. Like graduated socks, anti-embolism socks provide gradient pressure. However, this type is more patient-specific. Doctors mainly prescribe this stocking for those who aren’t mobile.  


Non-medical Support Hose

These type of socks does not require prescriptions. It is an elastic support hose that provides slightly lower pressure than the other kinds. It works as a potential relief for tired and aching legs.   On the other hand, compression socks are also available in two different sizes. One is knee-high, and the other is thigh-high. If you need support during your exercises, it is better to use knee-high socks. Meanwhile, thigh-high socks are perfect for varicose veins, spider veins, and post-surgery.  


Wrapping It Up

Compression socks are comfortable and offer enough benefits to your day-to-day needs. It will not only make you look good but will also make you feel great! With various features, designs, and colors available, it will surely be your favorite accessory for every activity.

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