5 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Ordering Custom T-Shirts


Are you thinking of ordering custom t-shirts? Great! Are you getting it for your company or, are you getting the jersey design (desain jersey, which is the term in Indonesian) for your friends? You should keep a few things in mind for ordering custom t-shirts.

1.         Purpose Of Ordering T-Shirts

Thinking about who will wear them, when and for what purpose are they going to wear them will help you to determine a lot of elements. If you want the jersey design for a person who hands out flyers, bright color is a great option. If you want it for the staff of your new cafe, then a dark-colored comfortable t-shirt with a logo is good to go. Moreover, if you wish to give it to your customers, think of what will make them happy and wear it most of the time.

2.         The Quantity

The quantity of the order is essential to know. It is relatively disappointing if you buy too many or too few. Remember, the more you order, the more discount you will get. Alternatively, you can ask the authority to collect the sizes of the t-shirt. The best price that you will get is 25 t-shirts.

3.         Distribution

The next best thing you should keep in mind is the distribution of the t-shirts. Do you want to distribute it at an event? Or, are you getting them for your fans? But, make sure that you have organized the piles according to the sizes. It will be easy for you to get the t-shirts.

4.         Design

Having a great jersey design will make the people wear them. Employ a professional t-shirt designer that suits your requirements. If you want fewer colors in your design, it is going to be cheaper. The best thing is to make the design bold, clear, and easy to be seen from the other side.

5.         Printing Methods

The two commonly used printing methods are screen printing and digital printing. DTG printing or digital printing has transformed how t-shirts are designed. On the other hand, screen printing is a traditional approach. Both methods can be used to get your t-shirt designed by expert professionals.


A good t-shirt design is necessary for the brand image of the business. The design should also focus on the satisfaction of the customers. Therefore, these are the few things that you must keep in mind before ordering custom t-shirts.

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