Bucks’ Party: Some Popular Questions

In the year 2020, the total number of marriages that took place in Australia was around 38,000. There are a lot of other celebrations and customs that take place before marriages, and a bachelor party is a celebration for the groom before being involved in the commitment of marriage. This is known as the bucks’ party in Sydney. The party is usually hosted by their male friends and the best man, and it is usually remembered as the prime night of bachelorhood and one’s freedom.

The bride also celebrates similarly, and that is known as the bachelorette or the hens’ party in Sydney.

This article will elaborate on some popular doubts regarding a bucks’ and hens’ party in Sydney. 

Why a Bucks Party?

Marriage is often considered to be a transition from one sphere of life to another significant one. In many cultures, a bachelor or a bachelorette party is celebrated in various other ways. Also, it is initiated to support the bride and the groom mentally during the most challenging cycle of their life.

In Australia, the bucks’ or the hens’ party is emphasised to make marriage appear less threatening through enjoyment and merry-making.  

Things to Do During a Bucks’ or Hens’ Party

A bucks’ party in Sydney involves a lot of activities. It can even go beyond the usual happening of a regular party or any other social gathering. The groom is given one final bachelor night to cherish, and the activities include going to a strip club, hiring strippers, private cruises, game nights and much more.

Nowadays, many new initiatives, groups host parties, set up venues and activities are available according to the requirements of the groom or the bride. In this manner, some of the best bucks’ parties in Sydney take place at some private as well as public spaces of the suburb.

Who Organises Them?

Usually, a bucks’ party is hosted by the best man or the groom’s male sibling. They will be in charge of all the activities, food, and games that are supposed to be organised at the venue. However, they would be kept as a top-secret from the groom, and everything will only unveil itself on the d-day.

In Australia, most of the bucks’ parties involve poker as well as a stripper. There would be numerous drinking sessions, following which the groom or the buck would be given several tasks to complete. And one common task would be to dress up the buck as a female and place a mankini on him as a part of it. Later he would be asked to dance around the pole.  

Some Popular Venues

A Playhouse: Many people choose the playhouse for its unlimited number of beers and a night of poker. There would also be sexy topless waitresses catering to the food requirements. The menu for the party is usually decided by the best man, but the access to chips is in nobody’s control.

A Cruise: to celebrate one’s bachelorhood with some adventure waters leads to the choice of the cruise. This way, there will be an unlimited party, whether it’s the day or the night, with easy access to swimming and water games. Besides, the Sydney harbour would bring in a new perspective and some fond memories to cherish.

Private Venues: if the groom wants a calm and enjoyable moment with few close people, it is best to choose private venues, and numerous venues in and around Sydney are perfect for this. They would include some quality time with entertainment, food and drinks with the loved ones, and it can be a night of reminiscence and emotions.  

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