Body to Body Erotic Massage: a Magical Procedure

Body to body massage is perhaps the most popular type of erotic massage. Such a session does not leave indifferent any man, it gives unearthly pleasure and unforgettable emotions. To make a body to body massage and bring a man to a fantastic orgasm without having sexual intercourse with him is a real art.

In modern massage agencies, this service is popular in the extreme, and SweetTouch is not an exception. In SweetTouch, you can select the duration of the procedure and a sexy masseuse to give it to you. Many girls are interested in learning how to give this technique in order to provide partners with new emotions and diversify intimate life.

What it actually is?

The main point can be understood by the name – body to body massage, so two bodies take part in the procedure. Thus, this is a massage done with the whole body (hands, chest, abdomen, buttocks are used).

  • A beautiful girl rubs the client with aromatic oil (or nuru gel, if the client wants it instead of oil), and gently slides over the male body, touching him with the entire body, as if seducing and arousing sexual desire.
  • An appropriate setting is also needed: subdued light, soft music, a comfortable bed, pleasant colors and temperature, aromas of natural aphrodisiacs floating in the air.
  • Gentle strokes, quiet whispers, and stimulating breathing, special attention to the erogenous zones – all this contributes to the desired effect. It is worth starting a session with very careful and affectionate movements, gaining intensity over time.
  • Seductive masseuses also use different graceful poses, and when the male body is ready for the apogee, they get the most active, so the man experiences an orgasm really quickly and more powerfully than ever.
  • Psychologists and sexologists strongly recommend using this type of massage for married couples in foreplay to refresh the sensations and improve the quality of sex.

It is not difficult to learn this type of erotic massage, the main thing is desire and female sensuality. Well, single men are awaited by beautiful masseuses in the salons.

Why body to body massage is useful for men

One shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of this procedure, because it increases vitality, causes a surge of strength and positive energy, and stimulates the production of hormones of joy. Of course, first of all, it is aimed at increasing sexual desire, easily coping with cases of weakened potency, actively stimulating the male body to receive further sexual satisfaction.

Also, this type of massage is useful for the general condition of the body, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helps to calm down, and neutralizes traces of stress. This is the most effective remedy for depression. At the same time, do not forget that this is a massage, and it enhances blood circulation, which is useful for each cell, improves metabolism, stimulates the movement of lymph flow, and increases immunity.

When a man is satisfied, his mood rises, problems no longer seem so insoluble, he becomes more restrained, calmer, incomprehensible irritability disappears. Perhaps, body massage is the most pleasant “medicine” for all diseases, which immerses you in a state of bliss and fills the body with the strongest vital energy.

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