5 Things A Gin Bar In Sydney Should Have

Although it is not the world’s gin capital, Sydney is on its way to challenge other leading distilleries for this liquor. Gin is Sydney’s most beloved spirit. From drinking it neat with a dash of lime to unique gin-infused cocktails, there are a lot of recipes that anyone can try out!

You may find yourself torn on which bar to enjoy gin from, especially since many gin bars pop up in the country. How do you know which one serves this drink the best? Keep on reading as we answer that with the things to keep in mind when looking for a gin bar in Sydney!

What Makes A Good Gin Bar In Sydney

  • Range Of Gin It Offers

You’ll know it’s a good bar when it offers you a wide range of options for gin. This bar should have all kinds of gin, such as the classic London Dry, which is the traditional gin commonly used in cocktails. They should also have Old Tom Gin, a variation of gin that is a bit sweeter, perfect for those who don’t particularly enjoy strong drinks. 

  • A Nice Glassware

Every drinker knows the importance of good glassware. Remember that your glass can affect your gin tasting experience!

There are types of glasses used for several cocktails. For instance, the Copa de Balon glass is the perfect one for drinking gin due to its rounded head that traps the gin’s aromatic scent inside. 

Another common glass used for serving gin is the Highball glass that keeps your drink cold and carbonated.

  • Plenty of Garnishes To Choose From

Garnishes aren’t just there to make your drink look pretty. The essence of putting it in is because it adds flavour to your gin. It enhances the taste and botanicals used in your drink, so a gin bar should have several garnishes that customers can choose from. 

The garnishes used for every drink varies from the style, bar atmosphere, and the type of gin itself. Incorporating garnishes on a drink gives the customer an experience they can’t usually have at home. Make sure to check whether your chosen bar offers garnishes to get the most out of your night out!

  • Sanitized Tools

There are a lot of tools and equipment used in making gin-infused drinks. However, you should keep an eye out on how they make yours, especially if this gin bar is bustling with customers. You should also check your glass if it’s cleaned properly since it can be a nest for microorganisms that can affect your health. 

  • A Professional Bartender

If a gin bar has an exceptional bartender, you can be sure that you would experience exceptional customer service! A bartender is more than just the person that serves beverages. A professional bartender will assess what you prefer, then he or she will make a drink out of that. They should have good communication skills, excellent memory, and good time management.

Sydney is home to many gin bars. It means that there will be a wide range of blends in the city that cater to everyone’s preferences! However, as much as a night out sounds great, it’s important to drink moderately and stay vigilant. Excessive drinking can lead to relationship, money, or law problems. 

Be sure to avoid those and have a safe experience in a gin bar in Sydney!



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