4 Reasons Teens Should Consider Getting Braces

The National Institutes of Health reports that over 55% of American teenagers have dental cavities or tooth decay. Because an adolescent child is often highly active and adventurous, unhealthy lifestyle choices can cause numerous dental problems. One of the teen dentistry Perris services your child can find useful is dental braces.

The Orthodontics Association reports that over 3.4 million American teenagers and kids start using braces yearly. Below are reasons your teenage child may need to wear braces as early as possible.

  • Boost smile and level of confidence

When your teenage child wears braces, they can help improve the lower and upper jaw positioning. Braces can also assist in improving the positioning of crooked or misaligned teeth, significantly improving the smile’s appearance. That improves the child’s self-confidence as there is no need to hide the teeth from others.

You can choose between conventional braces or ceramic braces. Ceramic or clear braces are an excellent option because they do not give an unpleasant appearance in the mouth. Although they work as metal braces, clear braces are less visible in your mouth.

  • The teeth and jaws are still growing and are flexible

During the early years of adolescence, your child’s jaws are still highly flexible. In that period, primary teeth are replaced with permanent ones. Because the jawbone can easily move, it is much easier to reposition.

That means if your adolescent child gets braces, they can promote significant aligning of the jawbone and teeth. Although you can wear braces too as an adult, it will take longer for the dentistry procedure to work. Firmly fixed permanent teeth and developed jawbone are difficult to move and readjust.

  • Promotes healthy dental hygiene habits

You must constantly encourage your child that wears braces to clean and maintain them properly. With time, your child will learn the importance of practicing healthy dental hygiene, including brushing and flossing. Your child can also ensure braces work optimally and longer by avoiding certain foods.

As a result, your teen will maintain healthy dental hygiene practices even after completing braces treatment.

  • Improves dental health

Wearing braces can help promote proper oral hygiene. Braces cover and help safeguard you against trapping food bits or particles on or between teeth and gums. Trapped food bits can encourage bacterial activities, promoting the wearing down of the enamel and gums.

Because braces cover your teeth and gums, cleaning and flossing are much easier since there is little plaque buildup. Moreover, improving dental health is essential as it prevents or reduces the possibility of getting other problems later.

Correctly positioned jaws and teeth do not put you at risk of a bad bite. A bad bite can lead to TMJ syndrome. When you have TMJ syndrome, you have pain, discomfort, and limited movement in the joints of the jawbones and their muscles.

A bad bite can also cause your teeth to be improperly aligned. An incorrectly aligned tooth can encourage the buildup of plaque and fractures.

Contact Dental Kidz Club today to book an appointment with a dentist that can ensure your teen undergoes the right dentistry procedure.

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