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8001 Kennett Street, Suite B, Silver Spring, MD 20910


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What’s Happening Lately


  • Saturday, June 13th, 11:00 a.m.: Are you new to yoga? Join Annie and Rick in the Yoga Basics for Beginners Workshop. Details here.
  • Every Sunday at 9:30 AM: Silver Spring Running Club! Meet you at TSW! Here’s why you should join us!
  • YOGA YOGA YOGA. See the schedule here. Apply for our new yoga buddy program Yoga Buddy Program!
  • Not sure why we call ourselves Third Space Wellness? Read about it here.
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Celebrating love is good for you


Celebrating love is good for youRight now I’m traveling to the wedding of one of my brothers. How sweet it is to take time to set everything aside for a moment to focus on love. In fact, it’s not only meaningful, it’s healthy.

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Gut check: 6 non-food ways to get gut healthy


I get excited coming out of the cold seasons into the warm ones for many reasons, and one of them is the availability of local, fresh produce. Going to the farmers market really gets me delighted about food again. And, since I wouldn’t call myself someone who enjoys cooking, it also makes this a more bearable “to do” on my list.

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Anne’s Testimonial from Third Space on Vimeo.

More of what people are saying about us
“I had open heart surgery over 30 years ago and it wasn’t until I was an adult and studying meditation that I noticed my breath didn’t seem to move through my chest smoothly. There were emotions that I struggled with as well… giving and receiving love and feeling secure with myself… My acupuncturist, Joy Andrews, suggested a scar treatment….  It has been an amazing spiritual experience! Breath became smooth and easy. Words like open heart, full, and complete came to mind. No pits or peaks in mood… My body still feels the needles and I will sleep well tonight as I remember my purpose here is to love and that is all.” ~ Ally
“Health care providers with a healing presence! Rachel has been my acupuncturist for over a year and I feel incredibly held and cared for in my sessions. She is a gifted practitioner who goes above and beyond for her clients. Since starting treatments, my sinus, allergy and menstrual issues have all but completely disappeared. If ever they start to resurface or I feel off, I just go to Rachel and she and the needles work their magic! She has also been instrumental in bringing to my attention my body’s wisdom and I more attuned to it as a result.”  ~ Tia (on
“As a crazy scientist who works 10 to 12 hours a day, I realized that swimming and walking the dogs was not providing enough balance to keep me sane.  I discovered the Body Flow class, a blend of yoga, tai chi, and Pilates, taught by Sam Dublin.  After a few sessions, I quickly learned to appreciate Sam’s in-depth knowledge, customer-oriented teaching style, and gentle way of encouragement and support.  Her approach to instructing a class that is composed of a wide range of students’ skills and ages is all-inclusive, yet highly effective.  I love the class and hope more weekly sessions will be added that fit my busy schedule.” ~ Franziska

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