When Should We Notify Authorities After A Car Accident?

Did you know that in 2016, more than 5 million car accidents were reported to the authorities? You should contact a car accident attorney in Stockton as soon as possible after being involved in an automobile accident.

However, you might be wondering how soon after an accident you are required to report it to the authorities. Is there a deadline by which a claim must be submitted? If you want to find the answers to these questions and more, as well as other queries, you have arrived at the right place.

By reading the car accident manual, you will learn the ins and outs of filing a police report following a car accident.

Within How Long Of Time Must An Auto Accident Be Reported?

The question of how one should report a car crash is one that, sadly, does not have a straightforward answer. This is the case because the conditions under which you are required to report an accident to the police differ significantly from one state to the next.

In the state of Tennessee, for instance, a collision report must be completed within twenty days of the event if the damages incurred by the collision total more than $400. However, you are required to file a report within ten days if the cracks in New York total more than one thousand dollars.

Therefore, you ought to study the pertinent legislation in the state where you reside. You need to get in touch with your insurance carrier as quickly as possible to get a claim filed for the accident.

When handing out money to policyholders, every insurance company has its minimum requirements.

Is It Possible To Make A Claim If We Wait Too Long?

Within the allotted time a report on the car accident must be submitted. When precisely this time passes is going to be determined by the statute of limitations currently in existence in your state.

However, the statute of limitations in most states gives you anything from one to ten years to file a claim before it is too late. After the expiration of that time limit, the victim loses the legal right to sue for compensation for their injuries or the loss of property.

As a result, filing a claim following a vehicle accident is the most crucial thing that can be done in this situation.

When Is It Time To Get A Lawyer For A Car Wreck?

Suppose you feel that the amount of money being given as a settlement by the insurance company representing the other party is insufficient. In that case, you may want to seek the advice of a lawyer. You have the option of initiating a claim for personal injury to pursue financial compensation for any damages that were sustained as a result of the incident.

Do you have second thoughts about whether or not you need an attorney for the matter involving your car accident? Talk to someone as soon as possible. During our meeting, we will discuss whether or not you have a case against the company. If you have been in an automobile accident, you need to choose a ncvle lawyer who is experienced in handling such cases.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this page addressed your issue regarding how soon after a car accident you are required to report it to the proper authorities. This underlines the need to write any accident that may have occurred promptly.

If you don’t, it could have significant legal ramifications. Have you had a good time reading the information about how to report incidents involving vehicles? If you said yes to either of those questions, there is a lot more where that came from.

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