What You Should Eat For Optimum Health

There’s a saying that you can find real beauty on the inside; this saying applies to your health. If you eat healthily and observe many healthy habits, you’re sure to start looking your best. If you don’t know where precisely to start, then find out what to eat for optimum health is a good start. Some foods like potato are considered superfoods because of the calories in a potato, and other foods like it; it offers something that your body needs. When added to your diet, this food will keep you in optimum health and promote healthy skin. Below are some of the foods you should eat to ensure your body stays in the best shape.


This food is referred to as the king of antioxidants. That is because it contains one of the most vital antioxidants your body really needs. When you consume broccoli, it can protect you from cancer, so it is one of the foods you should eat for optimum health. The nutritional values are high while the calorie content is low. Experts have labeled broccoli as the best vegetable to prevent cancer. It contains sulfur compounds that make our genes increase the production of detoxifying enzymes.

Sweet Potatoes

Another superfood you should take note of for your optimum health is sweet potato. It contains a high level of carotenoids and will also provide you with potassium and fiber. For those counting calories in a potato, maybe it’s time to start counting the nutrients and fiber content instead. This potato type is rich in vitamin A, C, and B-6. It will also supply you with iron and calcium for your bones and heart protection. Sweet potatoes contain high fiber content, which helps with digestion. It will also aid with weight loss because it minimizes appetite and increases satiety.

Olive Oil

This food is a healthy fat that can help you minimize the risk of heart disease. The central fat you can find in olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids. This type of fat is recognized for helping with the reduction of cholesterol. It will also help to stabilize clotting in the blood while reducing insulin levels. For those who have type 2 diabetes, olive oil will be quite beneficial to their diet.


It doesn’t matter how it is made; oatmeal makes for a healthy whole-grain breakfast. Like counting fiber instead of calories in a potato, oat is rich in soluble fiber, which reduces cholesterol. Oats will also help to lower blood pressure and leave you feeling full for a long time. It will also help you digest sugar quickly and ensure your blood sugar level is stabilized. Oats can help with muscle repair and growth as well.

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