What to Do for Fun when You Live in Columbia, SC

A typical Southern town with a contemporary touch is Columbia, South Carolina. The region’s abundance of oak, pecan, and magnolia trees aids in the preservation of its rural character, and the downtown skyline reflects the state capital’s status as a developing industrial hub. The lovely Columbia houses for sale are one of Columbia’s greatest draws. The majority of the well-kept houses in the region date from the early 1900s. There are a lot of parks and open areas as well, giving the locals another option for exercising. Move to Columbia if you enjoy living in an area with a lot of character. It’s the ideal location to discover that ambiance. Everyone receives some form of assisted living in Columbia, South Carolina; when choosing the location, there are two options: one is to ask your neighbors for aid, and the other is to work with professional agents. Read on for fun things to do when living in Columbia, SC.

Riverbanks Botanical Garden

While entry to these gorgeous 70-acre gardens is included with Riverbanks Zoo admission. One of the top things to do in Columbia, South Carolina, if you have the time, it’s absolutely worth a visit. The zoo is connected to the gardens, which are on the south side of the Saluda River, by a charming pedestrian bridge. More than 4,200 different types of exotic and native North American plant species, as well as a sizable number of unusual specimens from throughout the world, can be found growing on the lawns. The gardens are easy to navigate due to their theme-based layout, and tours and workshops are available.

EdVenture Children’s Museum

You’re in for some exciting adventures, and both kids and adults will appreciate the interactive exhibits. Visitors are greeted as they enter the main atrium by Eddie, the largest child in the world, a 40-foot tall effigy. One of the entertaining activities for youngsters in Columbia is for them to climb all over his gigantic frame.


Exploring the recently renovated Main Street district in the city’s core is one of the top things to do in Columbia. One of the best areas to visit in Columbia, South Carolina, this metropolitan district is packed with stylish shops, restaurants, and historical sites.

Attend A Festival

There are always events going on in and around Columbia, and festival season lasts all year long. Attend the Irmo Okra Strut, a yearly celebration of fun and fried okra that has been around for 50 years. Or go to the Greek Festival on Main Street to eat spanakopita, gyros, and keftedes while taking in a few dancing performances. 


College football dominates Saturdays in the fall in the Columbia area. Before going to Willy B, tailgate around town or watch the game at a number of sports bars. Visit the Columbia Fireflies, a minor league baseball team in our area, at Segra Park during the summer to see a game. As a seasoned alumnus, attend any Carolina games throughout the season. When you travel to support the 2022 NCAA National Championship Women’s Basketball team, don’t forget your garnet.


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