What Is Storeonce VSA And How To Obtain It?

A power that explores the data from all corners of your enterprise is HPE StoreOnce VSA. Your growing data is enabled securely with more cost-effectively. Wherever your data lives with a flip of a switch the cloud experience goes. From the edge to the cloud it can free your data. Hewlett Packard Enterprise drives every application.

It is the entry-level disaster recovery and disk-based backup that delivers software-defined data protection. The flexibility of storeOnce delivered as a virtual appliance is offered. HPE StoreOnce VSA has a capacity of up to 50 usable TB. Its backup performance which is up to 6TB/hr decreases the risk of data loss by reducing the cost of data protection. The response to the multinational enterprise for small remote sites makes it the standard solution for disk-based backup.

How To Obtain The Storeonce VSA?

In the My license portal go to HPE. You need to have a free HPE passport account to log in to the website. From the menu select the software evaluation tab. Select StoreOnce G4 VSA from all categories of the drop-down menu. One terabyte freeware license is displayed. A capped maximum storage capacity of one TB allows you to permanently evaluate the product when applied to your StoreOnce VSA. Software images of StoreOnce are displayed before a freeware license is required which comes with a 90 day evaluation period. So these are the two displayed products.

You need to require a vCentre StoreOnce VSA image for this distribution. A high availability cluster of VMware is StoreOnceHA. It carries two hosts; they are ha-vsa-host-01 and ha-vsa-host-02. Within the StoreOnce cluster, you need a shared storage volume that can be seen by both hosts.

StoreOnce-HA-management contains an unconfigured StoreOnce high-availability manager. To produce highly available StoreOnce VSAs you need to utilize the VMware high availability option. Between the StoreOnce VSA and high availability manager, it is significant to select a suitable network that allows communication. By the DHCP the IP address can be assigned. For its operating system, it is configured with one hard disk. Additional hard disks are needed for storage before it is used for backup purposes. With the storage ranging from 4TB to 500TB, StoreOnce VSA can be configured. Maximum storage of 1TB can be configured using a freeware license.

With additional storage, once it is reconfigured until the login prompt appears to power on and review the boot-up. It allows us to connect StoreOnce VSA to complete the process of deployment.

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