What Does the Future Playground Modularity Look Like?

The playgrounds are seeing a shift with modular playground systems taking place of the traditional playsets. These are the newer ways of bringing together the rope-based play equipment with the designs of modularity and interconnection. These sets also give you the freedom of customizing the designs by changing the interlocking patterns. The core elements need to be begun with where after a few steps, the modular play systems are going to give you virtually limitless extensions to make the structures with.

Three core systems can be joined to make the entire structure. They are:


This is the center-most structure of the entire playset. The bays and frames can be connected to create various structures that have endless possibilities. There is a benefit in getting this hub. The future holds all the possibilities that the next options will too be available for conjoining them to this center-piece.


This is the piece that gives the entire structure or the module a variety of play options. These are available in the tri-ring features that allow the kids to move from one bay to the other. There are also options of overhead rings that allow kids for swinging end-to-end. There can also be net openings for them to climb the top. Using all of these bays, you can create a design of your own.


This is the most important aspect to hold all of the structures together. There can be options of personalizing these frames where you can mix-and-match the looks and the play features.


The playset manufacturers keep in mind to produce loads and loads of extensions to help you create innumerable possibilities with these structures. There are extensions available in the form of shades that can be readily attached to your structure and save the kids from the scorching sun or sudden rainfalls. These types of fancy extensions also help give a visual flair to your extensively built structure. These extensions are built from rotationally molded plastic climbers that enable the kids to climb the top of the sets. The bay components can also be extended using these extensions to make uncommon structures and increase the play features.

The modular playsets are a revolution in the segment of Inspire Play kid’s playground equipment and you can mix and match them to any extent to make their appearance bright, lucrative, and loaded with features.