Top mobile banking apps for freshers in job market 2023

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A significant section of the Indian populace gets its first bank account as a fresher. Personal net banking for a fresher is very different from individuals belonging to other income groups. At the beginning of a fresher’s career, one might aim to save as much as they can, and a mobile banking account can be very useful in achieving this goal. Read about the top mobile banking apps that freshers can opt for in India in 2023:


IDFC FIRST Bank offers a superior personal net banking experience to freshers through its mobile banking app. Here are its features:

1. Designed to help freshers save more: Not only do the savings accounts offered by IDFC FIRST Bank have a high interest rate, but they also offer monthly interest credits to their customers. In addition to these features, the mobile banking app has the “Track Your Expenses” feature that helps customers learn from their previous expenses and save more.

2. Superior customer service: IDFC FIRST Bank’s customer service team can be contacted at any hour through the mobile banking app for any banking-related issue.

3. All-in-one platform: Customers can access a variety of banking services through the same app, such as applying for credit cards, opening a fixed deposit account, and applying for instant online personal loans through the app.

4. Fast, seamless, online transfers: Customers can use the “Auto Pay”, “One-Swipe Pay”, and UPI (Unified Payments Interface) options to make online transfers.

5. Highly secured: IDFC FIRST Bank ensures a highly secure personal net banking experience and allows its customers to add multiple layers of security to their transactions.

To read more about the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, click here.

2. Kotak Mahindra Bank

Here are the features offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank’s “Kotak-811” app:

1. The app allows you to manage all your financial transactions and pay your utility bills through UPI.

2. You can regenerate your credit and debit card PINs through the app.

3. You can also check your account balance using the Kotak-811 app.

3. HDFC Bank

The following are the key features of the HDFC Bank MobileBanking app:

1. You can log in to your app using the “touch ID” feature.

2. The app allows you to pay utility bills and recharge your data bills.

3. You can opt for the “smart account opening” option to open a bank account through the app.

4. ICICI Bank

Here are the key features of ICICI Bank’s “iMobile Pay app”:

  • You can purchase and manage a FASTag through this app. The app also allows you to view FASTag balance and FASTag statements, as well as manage multiple FASTag accounts.
  • Instant money transfers can be made through the ICICI Bank iMobile app.
  • You can open fixed deposit accounts, recurring deposit accounts, or “iWish” deposits using the app.

5. Axis Bank

The following are the key features offered by Axis Bank’s mobile banking app:

1. Complete access to Axis Bank’s online digital savings account.

2. Ability to download bank statements and access account balance through the app.

3. Ability to pay utility bills through online modes of money transfer.

4. You can find a record of your financial transactions on the mobile banking app.

Choose any of the above-mentioned top mobile banking apps to get started on your saving journey as a fresher in India!

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