Top Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a treatment that you can receive to manage pain or through recovery after an injury. Whether you engage in repetitive motions or love participating in sports, you will likely suffer an injury. You can benefit from different forms of physical therapy, Charleston to recover and restore the function of your musculoskeletal system.

The rehabilitative treatment is non-invasive and effective to the point of eliminating or reducing the use of oral medications for pain management.

Who is the right candidate for the treatment?

You are the right candidate for physical therapy if you suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis or injuries but don’t want surgery. While surgery is an effective treatment, recovery, and risk of infection can cause hesitation. Common physical therapies include electrical stimulation, chiropractic care, light therapy, and hot and cold therapy.

You can experience any of the techniques depending on the severity and location of your musculoskeletal pain. For example, if you have muscle pain, your specialist can recommend electrical stimulation, but you can benefit from chiropractic care if you have joint pain.

Benefits of physical therapy

You can benefit from physical therapy in the following ways:

Eliminate or reduce the need for surgery

When you suffer from arthritis pain or experience pain due to age-related degeneration, you might think surgery is the only way forward. Your specialist will use physical therapy to focus on the affected joints and muscles and manipulate them to reduce pain. Light therapy can inhibit the transmission of pain signals to your brain reducing pain.

Reduce pain

Arthritis is characterized by painful joints because of reduced and damaged cartilage. The condition can lead to pain, stiffness, and swelling, limiting your ability to perform normal daily tasks. Physical therapy can manipulate your muscles and specific joints to increase flexibility and reduce swelling facilitating pain reduction.  

Improve strength and function

Following an injury, your body requires relearning to restore function, but if the healing rehabilitation process is ineffective, you will end up with weak muscles or joints. If your body heals with weakened muscles, you can experience pain due to muscle imbalances causing overcompensation for the weaker muscles. Physical therapy can address the weaker muscles and joints and strengthen them to perform better.

Promote faster healing after injury

Electrical stimulation and manual manipulation of your muscles can help increase blood flow to the wounded tissues. The increase in blood supply delivers necessary nutrients that promote healing, reducing your recovery time. Similarly, your specialist might recommend movement to reduce swelling and promote circulation.

Prevent the likelihood of new injuries

With regular physical therapy sessions, you can improve the strength and function of your tissues, which diminishes your likelihood of new injuries. You are unlikely to suffer injuries when you have strong, flexible muscles and joints.

If you have chronic pain due to a health condition or injury, visit The Rehab Doctors for physical therapy services. The available physical therapists will review your medical history and evaluate your symptoms before creating a personalized treatment plan. Call or book your appointment online to reduce pain and the need for surgery. 

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