Top Auburn Hair Shades To Try This Season

Auburn is one of the best hair shades to try. The richness of this shade is the most sought hair colour trend that has been tried by celebrities and stylists. Well, Hair colours have a lot more associated with them. In terms of colouring, hair shades are of great importance. If you think that hair colours damage your tresses, then you are right. Of course, there are some hair dyes that make your hair dry and brittle. Such dyes contain ammonia, which is a harsh chemical that makes your hair look frizzy and unmanageable. Ammonia enriched hair dyes give a long-lasting colour to your tresses, but they damage your hair in a great way.

To avoid such a situation, it is best that you opt for organic hair dyes. Natural hair dyes like Godrej Expert Easy not only provide colour to your locks but also make them look nourished and healthy. Healthy hair is all that we want. Right? And not just that, but this hair dye fixes all your hair woes while conditioning your hair from root to tip. Thus, if you want healthy hair with a beautiful colour, then you need to try Godrej hair dyes.

Now here arises a question, i.e., how can you select the right shade of colour? Well, the auburn shade that we will be discussing today has a lot of colours under it. If you wish to know the ways of selecting the right hair shade, it is essential that you know your skin tone and undertone. There is one simple way of knowing your skin tone, i.e., the vein test.

Have a look at your veins. If they appear blue in colour, then you have a cool skin tone. If they appear green in colour, then you have a warm skin tone. And if you can’t decide the colours, then you have a neutral skin tone. There are a lot of hair shades under warm, cool, and neutral skin tones that you can try. Ranging from cool red to warm brown, the shades are innumerable.

Hair colours are nothing but an additional coating on your tresses that protect your strands from free radicals and other environmental factors. And hair dyes like Godrej make your hair stronger and full of shine. Now, without further ado, let us have a look at the best auburn hair colour trends and ideas.

Best Auburn Hair Shade to Try

Dark auburn is a rich and deep relative of red and brown shade. This is one of the best hair shades that give a luscious look to your tresses while providing extra contrast to your facial features. This particular colour enhances your complexion and is a great hair shade to try. One of the best things about this shade is that it plays with light and reflects various vivid colours ranging from mahogany to chocolate. This shade is definitely going to fire you up! Below are some of the best styles that you can try with this shade.

  1. Curly Dark Auburn Hair with Lowlights

Lowlights are a great trend that has been tried by many celebrities. Auburn shade paired with lowlights will breathe life into your tresses. The dimension that this shade will bring cannot be described in words. With deeper red and neutral tones, this shade is ideal for all girls with curly hair. Try it out now!

  1. Purple-Based Burgundy Auburn Hair

Burgundy is also a shade of red, just like auburn. Deep wine tones in your long locks will look absolutely stunning. Such hair shades absorb light and look shiny and vibrant when they are under natural sunlight. Ask your hairstylist to create a hair shade wherein both red and violet tones are mixed. This will create a beautiful dark auburn merlot shade that will give your locks an amazing look. Best for fair complexions and girls with long locks, this shade is a must-try!

  1. Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights

Auburn makes a great choice when they are in a highlighted form. Brown hair with auburn is all that you need to spice up your hair colour. Dark auburn hair includes warm tones that suit brunettes. The balayage technique will suit best with these two shades. It will give your hair a ribbon-like finish of deep auburn tones. Use a curling wand further to add messy waves that will make the auburn shade shine a bit more. Try out this amazing double shade now!

  1. Dark Brown Auburn Raspberry Hair

Thinking about fruits already!? This is a bold yet sweet cousin of the red shade. It is the most sought-after dark brown auburn hair colour that is a must-try this season. This shade looks alluring on wavy and textured hair for luscious and soft tresses. With this hair shade, you must go for a global hair colouring technique to make your tresses look voluminous and shiny. This is a reflective shade and when it wears off, it gives amazing shades then as well.

  1. Dark Auburn Hair Colour with Caramel Highlights

Highlighting has always been in fashion and it seems like this hair colouring idea is here to stay! Get into the spirit of fall with a gorgeous blend of reddish-brown and orange. This hair shade complements beach waves and textured hair. dark auburn hair colour is extremely versatile that adds a pop of fun and classy hue to your locks. For girls who like chic and natural-looking hair colours, this shade is a must-try!

  1. Auburn Hair Colour with Honey Highlights

Honey is one of the most sought-after shades of brown that is paired with different hair colours to give your locks a dimensional look. This blended hair shade provides hair with enough shine. If you want to go for a lighter shade that has a blonde effect, then this shade is the one. This shade transitions from light to dark wherein highlights are involved. These honey highlights may be dark. Therefore, it is advised that you opt for blonde or a lighter shade of honey.

  1. Deep Auburn Shade

Give your locks a luscious look with a deep auburn shade. This hair shade looks edgy and suits best with fair complexions. If you have voluminous hair and wish to colour them, then this shade is the one. You can either go for the balayage hair colouring technique or the global hair colouring technique. Either way, the shade will look good. Try it out now and give your tresses an alluring look!

  1. Dark Bronze Auburn

Brown and red always go hand in hand. We call this shade a ‘natural hair colour.’ This shade suits all complexions and gives a chic look to your tresses. It enhances your facial features and gives a fresh look to your tresses. This shade is for those who like natural hair with a tinge of colour. Try it and give your hair an updated look!

So, these are some of the best hair shades of auburn that are a must-try this season. These hair shades enhance your overall look and appearance. These colours look good with medium and long hair. Also, if you have planned to colour your hair, it is best that you go with Godrej Expert Easy. This hair dye is infused with natural ingredients that give your locks a conditioned look. This hair dye is available in five vibrant shades. Try them now and give your hair some colour and care.

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