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Things to Know About Cleaning your Air Conditioner 

Prolonged use of air conditioners results in reducing the efficacy of your air conditioner. It may not work as efficiently as it used to do when it was first brought. How do you know if your air conditioner needs cleaning or service? You must clean your AC at least once a year. Let’s see if you can do the task by yourself or need professional help. 

How should I clean my AC?

Clean the Filters: If the AC filters are dirty, gently remove them and put them in lukewarm water. This will allow the dirt to soak water, and it will swell up and come out easily. Then wash the filters with a bar of mild soap and rinse properly. Let them dry under for few hours. After that, you can place the filters back. You can use a toothbrush to remove the dust particles from the pores of filters. You can also use an air conditioner cleaning liquid (น้ํา ยา ทํา ความ สะอาด แอร์, which is the term in Thai). These cleaning liquids remove the grease, oil, or any dirt in the filters easily. 

Brisk Cleaning: After cleaning the filters, you can do spring cleaning to clean the AC panel.

Cleaning The Outdoor Unit: Never interfere with the electrical component of the Air conditioner. Use a little vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the outdoor unit. 

Check Its Performance: After putting back all the parts in their place, switch on the AC and let it work for few hours. Assess if the cooling has been restored. 

  • Shall I call professionals to clean the air conditioner?

The major part of cleaning an air conditioner is cleaning its filters. With the air conditioner cleaning liquid, this has become a cakewalk. But if your air conditioner is throwing noises or feels that the condenser of the air conditioner needs to be replaced, you must seek professional help. Sometimes, the air conditioner gives warm air instead of cooling; thus, this is the time to call the engineers. 

  • How much time do I require to clean my AC?

You should spare at least a day to clean your air conditioner. Proper cleaning requires 4-5 hours. Also, you need 3-4 hours to let the filters dry. If you seek professional help, then there must be someone to attend to them and explain the problem with the air conditioner. 

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