Telehealth Services at Avenel Primary Care in Avenel

Telehealth services make medical care more accessible and affordable for people worldwide. As such, many people are adopting the new technology owing to the convenience it comes with. Medical facilities have also upped their game to cover broad areas. Among the telehealth avenel services available include routine checkups to virtual consultations for complex medical issues. Some of the telehealth services you need to know include virtual visits, remote monitoring, and patient portals. Read on to learn more about the technology.

What are The Goals of Telehealth Primary Care?

  1. The telehealth services ensure that healthcare is accessible with ease to people living in remote areas.
  2. To keep you and your family safe from infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.
  3. To make health services available to people with mobility problems such as the elderly and people living with disability.
  4. Ensure people get access to medical specialists.
  5. To improve communication between our healthcare providers and the patients.
  6. Offer advice to people on how they can manage their health at home.

Which are the Telehealth Services Available?

Virtual Visits

Virtual visits are live, face-to-face video consultations between our medical professional and a patient. The virtual visit service provides patients with interactive, real-time medical visits with their doctors through their home computers or mobile device. Virtual visits are ideal for the provision of mental health services, routine checkups, and consultations on chronic illness management. Patients must download a telehealth app or software, register, and schedule a telehealth appointment. Virtual visits have revolutionized healthcare, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients can receive medical attention while observing social distancing guidelines and avoiding physical contact with others.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a telehealth service that helps us to monitor our patients remotely, from outside the hospital or clinic. Through this service, we can track patients’ vital signs and monitor their overall health status from a remote location. Remote monitoring is ideal for those with chronic illnesses that require continuous monitoring, such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Remote monitoring enables us to keep an eye on our patient’s health, catch warning signs early, and intervene before an emergency. It helps us to manage hospital admissions and ease the strain at our healthcare facility.

Patient Portal

Our telehealth service portal allows patients to access their medical records and communicate with our physicians. With our portal, patients can review and update their health information, request prescription refills, view test results, and schedule appointments. Patients can also send us messages securely and receive reminders about upcoming appointments.

Patient portals are convenient, and efficient, and have increased patient engagement with our doctors. Patient portals have improved communication and collaboration between healthcare providers and patients.

What are the Limitations of Telehealth Services?

  1. Technical difficulties- technical issues like poor internet connections can disrupt virtual consultation.
  2. Lack of physical examination- telehealth services limit physical assessment of patients by physicians.
  3. Insurance Coverage- not all insurance companies can accept to cover telecommunication services.

Seek Telehealth Services

Telehealth services have revolutionized healthcare by improving medical access and providing patients with more convenience and control over their healthcare. The services allow patients to receive healthcare from healthcare professionals from the comfort of their homes, saving time and money. Reach out to your health care provider to receive more information about the telecommunication services they offer and witness first hand convenience.

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