Student Exchange: A Complete Guide For College Students

Students are considered the future of a country. Able graduates of a country make better citizens. Years of education give those students knowledge, wisdom, and confidence to face the world. But student exchange program is an unparallel way of gathering new experiences and making way for opportunities. 

What Is This Program About? 

An exchange program is hosted by secondary schools or universities for their undergrad or post-grad students. The university helps the students to go to study abroad in a partner institution and pursue their education. The student exchange program is usually six to one year long. It involves international traveling and studying for the period.

Who Is An Inbound And Outbound Student In An Exchange Program?

In an exchange program, an inbound student is referred to those who are coming in from other countries. Suppose, you are a university in Thailand and you are hosting an exchange program with your partner university. Then a student coming into your college to pursue their degree is inbound. 

Likewise, outbound students are those who go out of their country, in this case of Thailand to study in another country.

What Are The Benefits Of These Programs?

There are many benefits of being a part of an exchange program in your student life. Though it can be terrifying or overwhelming at first, you can cherish the experience for a lifetime. Some of the benefits of availing of the program are:

  • Stepping Into A New Culture

If you are eager to know about different cultures and meet new people, you will get no better chance than this. Going abroad to study in a new place without your family is a great way to build confidence. You will also build a new circle of acquaintances and know about their lifestyle and culture.  

  • Great Opportunities

Not just exploring a new city and new people, an exchange program will add value to your resume. It will fetch you more employment opportunities. 

  • New Language

If you are going to a new place, you will have to learn their language to adjust to the environment. Making new friends and having conversations is the best way to enhance your language skills.  

  • Free Tuition And Accommodation

The host of the exchange program is responsible for arranging for your tuition fee and accommodation. So, that you can solely concentrate on the experience.  

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