Software development outsourcing: how it can help your business

Whoever you are – a small company or a large enterprise, but sooner or later everyone accumulates their own unique, individual experience, which can, must, and sometimes just need to be structured and effectively applied in business processes (every day). These techniques are a kind of know-how that is not used in other areas and activities. Naturally, a good and simple tool is needed to use them.

Each company, like a person, is unique, each has its own relationships with suppliers, customers, partners. Each company has its own schemes and systems of discounts, cataloging of goods, a scheme for working with customers and suppliers. Its own hierarchy …

The decision to automate the enterprise, or, more simply, to install the software will allow you to understand your own business processes in more detail, build a scheme of your work, probably find some more optimal solutions in it, i.e. there is a formalization of activities, optimization, problem statement. But as the experience of recent years shows, in the life of almost any company there comes a time when you have to think about the need to switch to outsourcing. In most cases, the decisive factor is the ability to reduce the cost of maintaining an internal IT service or a full-time system administrator and getting rid of the problems associated with self-service IT systems.

Outsourcing software development is the most effective way to obtain software that fully meets the needs of the customer. The term «outsourcing» means «use of a third-party source». It implies that non-core companies can attract IT professionals for a specific project. Highly qualified personnel, a team with extensive experience will be connected to the task. This will optimize the process of creating a software product, will allow you to get a solution to the problem that has arisen in a short time.

Thus, any entrepreneur can afford to order software development of any level of complexity: from small firms to large international corporations.

Benefits of custom development

IT outsourcing allows you to delegate both individual tasks and whole complexes of software development activities to professionals. IT experts work under a contract, are interested in performing the task in the best possible way and are able to provide guarantees to the client.

Outsourced software information systems development has many advantages:

  • IT outsourcing is multifunctional: it allows you to create programs from scratch, expand the functionality of existing software, upgrade previously created solutions in accordance with changes in legislation or current market conditions;
  • Outsourcing specialists take into account all the client’s requirements, focus on the corporate IT strategy of the customer company, actively participate in the discussion of the software concept, make rational proposals;
  • A ready-made project created by third-party programmers is a high-quality product that has passed testing, completely ready to use for its intended purpose;
  • IT outsourcing has almost limitless potential. By resorting to this service, the client with a high degree of probability will receive what he needs, and in the best possible way. There are no restrictions on the specifics of the TK. Real professionals are capable of developing software for communicating with clients, creating a single corporate intranet portal for internal use, and implementing technically complex business automation projects.
  • IT outsourcing is a high-quality IT management, due to which cost reduction and the fastest possible solution of indirect problems are achieved;
  • You can reduce or eliminate the budget spending on the search for professionals with relevant specialized and technical education, savings on education and training, certification and licensing;
  • There is no need to organize substitutions and duplication in case of illness or weekend employees, pay for labor leave and sick leave;
  • You can use of the company’s resources for the main tasks and profile purposes;
  • IT outsourcing is attracting highly qualified personnel for one-time specialized work and supporting the functioning of networks and servers in an uninterrupted mode, thereby maintaining the required quality and necessary service.
  • You can distribute activities in such a way that maximum attention is paid to the main directions and processes without being distracted by additional tasks;
  • There are no need to search and select personnel, check the compliance of a specialist, training and certification;

When is it necessary to order software development?

The software requirements used in the business space are changing at a high rate. The issue of data security, the expansion of software functionality and other issues each time arise before the owner of the software more and more acutely. Corporations that do not track IT industry trends and do not follow legislative changes often find that the software they use is morally and physically outdated. In such a situation, they simply need emergency assistance from specialists in updating, upgrading and implementing software.

It is necessary to order software in the following cases:

  • Lack of a ready-made solution on the market;
  • The need for software import substitution;
  • Inconvenience of the software used;
  • Business belongs to a narrow industry;
  • The need for maintenance and support of programs.

Custom software development process:

Collection of information, analysis and assessment of the client company’s requirements for the product. Drawing up a basic guide, which will implement the project.

Concept creation, solution architecture design. At this stage, design is carried out: the development of user interface layouts is underway, the design of virtual documentation is thought out, a scheme for integrating the system into the customer’s infrastructure is planned, etc.

Actually, the development of a system based on a document on the specification of software requirements and a pre-designed architecture. The most crucial stage, requiring the maximum concentration of the efforts of the programmer team.

Comprehensive testing of the system with the involvement of a team of testers. Detection of errors (if any) and their correction.

Creation of final documentation for newly created / updated software products;

Software implementation. Installation of programs, installation of systems, configuration of software on the customer’s servers or on the Internet resources agreed with the client.

Training users and administrators to work with the software, providing documentation, answering customer questions about the product.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in comments or come to a free consultation to any of reliable IT development companies.


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