Show Your Furry Companions How Much You Love Them Using These Tips

Now that you have been spending a lot of time at home because of the pandemic, your dogs must be having the time of their lives by simply getting to spend more quality moments with you. Although dogs don’t have the luxury of making the same facial expressions as humans do, they are still extremely expressive and it shows with their movements.   In such trying times, like people, dogs also feel stressed and agitated, so to keep your pet’s spirits up, update your care techniques with the simple, yet meaningful suggestions below.

Feed Them Healthily

To ensure that your dog gets to live a long and healthy life, feeding them nutritious food is the best way to go. You might have an idea on what healthy food to give your dog based on the wholesome food you eat, but some fruits and vegetables, like grapes, avocados, mushrooms, garlic, and onions are food that’s toxic for dogs, which can lead to complex health problems. When arranging a nutritious meal for your pet, it’s ideal for you to do your research or give your vet a call.

Entertain Them With Fitness Activities

As with humans, your dog needs to engage in physical activities, not only to maintain a physically fit body but to also help them become more agile and nimble. Movement helps your dog’s various systems function better, enhances digestion, and strengthens muscles. Physical activities can also become a way for your furry companion to learn fun and useful tricks, and be more obedient. To make exercise extra fun, you can customize an agility course in your backyard using ropes, cones, and other materials or enroll them in a dog obedience training class for some professional lessons.

Make Walks a Daily Routine 

Staying in and spending time with your dog for extended periods can strengthen your bond, but being cooped up for too long is not good for your pet. Just like humans, dogs can also feel stuffy and stressed especially with the monotony of daily life. At times, they also need a break from routine, and a great way to do this is by taking them on daily walks. Simple strolls around the neighborhood will provide them with the light exercise they need, and this can even give them the chance to add more smells to their scent threshold.

Give Them Treats 

Dogs are easy to please; spending time with them can already make them ecstatic especially when you are rarely home. To show them your love and appreciation, small actions, like giving them their favorite treats from time to time, feeding them their favorite food, or buying them a new toy, can already do so much to keep them happy.

Get Them a Pal

Domesticated pets, especially dogs are social animals, so they can easily fall into a sad state if you do not play or spend time with them. Aside from being social, they also have high energy levels, which they need to use either through fun play or exercise. If you are mostly busy, the best thing you can do to prevent making your furry friend feel lonely is by getting them a friend who can keep up with their rough play. By adopting a new dog, you not only give your pet a playmate but you also provide the new member of your family a warm and loving forever home.

Take Them to the Vet 

Although feeding your dog nutritious meals, giving them treats, and getting them a friend is already ways to keep your pet healthy and happy, proper medical care is still needed. It is recommended that you visit the vet at least once a year or more frequently if your pet suffers from a health condition. Going to the vet is not a luxury, but a responsibility that falls on your shoulders as their fur parent. By going to the vet and maintaining consistent communication with their doctor, you can make sure that you are giving your dog the right care they require.

Spoil Them From Time to Time 

Even though dogs cannot speak, they still give people incredible support emotionally and mentally. Their very presence is already enough to lift you from a bad mood and give you your needed motivation, making it only right that you return the selfless favor. This can be done by treating your beloved dog to a spa day at the groomers or doing the activities they enjoy, like playing in the park or setting up a pool in your garden, so they can splash around and cool down.

Pets are official members of the family, which is why, just like humans, they also deserve to be treated with proper love and care. By giving your dog a warm and comfortable home and the best care they require, you can make them feel loved and appreciated.

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meta desc: Figuring out your dog’s language can be difficult, but you can show them your love and appreciation by keeping them healthy and happy. Read on to learn how.

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