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Selecting The Best Energy-Efficient Doors

Whether you are building a new house or renovating your old one, changing your old doors with energy-efficient doors can make a huge difference. Not to mention, it will also save you from unnecessary energy bills while providing all the functions of a normal door. 

What are energy-efficient doors and how to choose one? 

Doors that are specially designed and made to increase and maintain the thermal temperature of your house, substantially saving your energy consumption are known as energy-efficient doors. There are plenty of doors in the market that claims to be highly energy-efficient, so knowing how to choose between these doors can be tricky sometimes. Therefore, when choosing energy-efficient doors, keep these things in check for a better home experience.

  • U value: The assessment of the rate of heat loss through any material is referred to as the U value of that material. So a door with a less U value provides more temperature control than a door with a higher U value. As homes tend to lose up to 10%-20% of their temperature through the doors, opting for a lower U value door is a great and efficient choice.
  • Glazing: If you want an unobstructed view alongside a low U value door, you might prefer double glazed doors. Not only they will provide the utmost protection from rough climatic conditions, but will also lock in the warmth of your house, maintaining the internal temperature, and also helps to reduce cold spots throughout the house by allowing the bright natural sunlight to enter. 
  • Design and accessibility: With modern technology, these doors are designed to give you the utmost functionality with better security and high-energy efficiency. Due to their highly customizable feature and aesthetics, energy-efficient doors not only help you to save energy but are also highly accessible with some designs being both unique and elegant. 
  • Compact yet functional: Energy-efficient doors shouldn’t just be compact in size but should also be capable of performing every function of a normal door. 

In conclusion, getting energy-efficient doors installed in your house is more of a necessity than an option. Not only do they keep your interior warm and save a substantial amount of energy, but are also a great investment as these are designed to last longer than your traditional doors. 

In this regard, Inter-Québec windows and doors are highly customizable as well as energy-efficient and are designed to last long. 

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