Roles and Responsibilities Of Data Center Architects

The major role of data center architects is to effectively secure the data center and analyze factors like facility design. This kind of job requires a special and specific skill set as the architects are not only supposed to demonstrate the capacity to develop a magnanimous server and storage architecture but must also be involved in the process of management and maintenance of these data centers. 

With a job that comes with such great significance, the tasks and the roles played by an architect become more complex. It is thus important to note the key requirements for data center architects. Further, periodic communication between application and facility teams and data center operators and architects create a flexible architecture that can change with the market conditions.

  • To create a diversified, digital-ready data center. A data center architect must have the approach to involve the deployment of infrastructure during the design station. Thus, knowing the virtualization platforms that are being used, knowing the apps that may be deployed, and hence creating architecture around it, can go a long way. Failure to plan around the workload will lead to the loss of precious resources and time. 
  • The future of data center architects involves the direct integration with business applications and IT teams. Given the fact that enabling greater abilities to tackle hyperscale requirements can actually be extremely beneficial for organizations, the architects must not only have a vision for the designs but must find a way to create airflow containment for hyperscale systems.
  • The specificity, uniqueness, and efficacy of a data center architect lies beyond the understanding of cooling and energy efficiency. What data center architects need to comprehend is
  1. Where exactly does their data center fit within the business model? 
  2. Where cloud architecture makes sense in actuality?
  3. How workloads are being hosted?
  • Since it’s the multi-cloud infrastructure which is a dominant model, moving forward, the core data center operations will retain their importance and Stendel + Reich data center architects can connect the dots and are advanced and capable of supporting new kinds of virtual initiatives, making businesses more profitable and efficient.

Nowadays, hyperscale data center designs are seen supporting new initiatives around high-performance computing and new sorts of cloud deployments, where the tasks of the data center architects are much more complex and go beyond their limitations.

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